WIP: Cowgirl 2

" All muscles appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real muscles is purely coincidental. "

I like where this is going. And I am rarely happy with my own work. 

This time pussy/boobless version.


WIP: Very original cowgirl

A cowgirl with a horsecock! I think I might have discovered a whole new fetish! This and also irony! 

Another b&w painting practice. There's also a pussy and a boobless version. Sooo... I am gonna be having gay ol' time painting this one!

Rough sketch. Around 15 minutes in

There's something wrong with this dick... 45min in

There you go. All ready to be painted. 1.5h


WIP: Idonthaveatitleyet

A painting practice I started doing tonight instead of sleeping or working on something important. It's 4h old right now, and I doubt it'll go over 6 when I am done with it.

Fuuuck I should be doing commisions right now