She's with the band

Blaargh. I should be doing commisions right now. 


Speedy painting challange! #5

Aand done. With this one I tried doing a loose underpainting and then trying to refine it later. Big mistake. It took me far too much time to make it look somewhat decent. Line drawing and underpainting come first. Then you can have fun with painting over. 

I guess that's what I've learned from this challange. Lay solid foundations and then build on them. Even if you want to jump ahead and have fun with the details and nuances, you have to make sure it works on a higher level. You have to focus. Good art, at least my art, comes from the mind, not the heart.


Speedy painting challange! #4

Blaargh. Another batgirl with a dick bulge, picture. I have a disease. I tried getting more realistic latex and spandex materials. I think the cowl and boobie area came out nice but I ran out of steam and motivation after that. Meh.

Tommorow the final one! I will probably half ass it to make up for the time I spend on this and the last one. ;)


Speedy painting challange! #3

So here's the #3... uh... painting sketch. I might have went a little overboard with this one. I wanted to try using masks to get better, crisper contours, and boy does it work. I could not stop myself :).
 I will definitely paint this way in the future.

Speedy painting challange! #2



Speedy painting challange! #1


Finally, the holidays are over. I can get back to artsing full time. I will kick of this year with a short challange. For the next 5 days I will paint one fast sketchy/painty pinup. I need something like this to get off my lazy butt.

Here's the first one. Something like 3h. I like how the face turned out:

I assume that the next one is gonna be better as I won't be hung over anymore ;)