figure drawing #4

Taking it easy today. Boobie studies!


Vintem Collab: Genophage Cure

Tali (out of her suit. Shut up) is helping out Krogans with their intimate problems. For some reason

Figure Drawing #3

Using posemaniacs to draw the same figure from 4 different angles

And a couple of shitty portraits to top it off


Figure drawing #2

Today's haul. 

Some more 60sec poses

Trying to figure out a good way to study shadows. I can't fucking do crosshatching. Not enough patience.


Figure drawing #1

I've been slacking off about uploading my studies to this blog. I want to change that. I plan on doing 2h of figure drawing each (working) day for the foreseeable future. Uploading the results to the blog should help me with that.

5-10min drawings. Mostly focusing on basic forms. I don't want to go into details for now.
60sec poses. I meant for these to be gesture drawings, but in the end I focused more on quickly recognising basic forms 



Two quickies I did today

I am kinda sick of traps. I am gonna draw more big boobed ladies for now.


Morning Wood

Quickie comic #3

I decided that painting comics are not my thing. I coloured most of these pages like usuall.