Irregularlies #151

Another brown one!

That Korra pic will take some time to finish up, so don't expect it tommorow. 


Muscly Slut

I ended up finishing this one after all. Turned out pretty well! I am falling in love with coloured lineart.

Arabian trap is still on for tommorow tho! 

Irregularlies #150

I am back! And I've brought goodies!

A muscular slut!

Vaguely arabian looking trap!

And Korra surrounded by cawks!

I'll most likely colour the trap tommorow and finish that Korra pic somewhere this week. Not interested in finishing tha muscly woman tho. She turned out kinda dull.


Irregularlies #149

Whooo Trap Harley!

Not sure about the lenght of this one. Something around 3 hours. Not as fast as the previous ones, but still faster than usuall.

I am gonna be taking a break for the next few days. After that more studies followed by more quick illustrations. I like doing these a lot.


Irregularlies #148

Finishing this one up took me longer than I anticipated, so Trap Harley will have to wait untill tommorow.

Took me around 2,5h totall. I like how the colours came out. Pose is kinda stiff tho. Eh.


Irregularlies #147

After yesterday's anatomical fiasco I decided to try a different approach to these quickies. I enjoy doing them a lot, but if I do them in one sitting then there's a high chance that I am gonna screw up something obvious. So instead of finishing one today, I started two. 

Tentacle summoning:

I wanted to draw a character in a blood red cloak doing something. Turns out it's summoning tentacles from hell. Why not. I can alredy see that her leegs are a bit too small for her body. If I went straight into inking and   colours I would miss that. 

And trap Harley:

The ida for this character comes from Bebop Jet. Baiscally it's what if Harley Quinn was really a brainwashed feminised Robin. I really like this idea. It combines two things I love: Harley Quinn and traps.

I will most likely finish both of these tommorow. Or not.


Irregularlies #146

Another quick one. I don't like it as much as the yesterday one

I think that the body is ok, but the hands, shoulders the face, and the folds are not up to par. I need to do more work on these things.


Irregularlies #145

I've been playing a lot of X-Com lately. It's so addicting that it's destroying my life. Classic Ironman attempt #7 in progress!

Anyway, have some dr Vahlen conducting important research:

I wanted to try a faster and looser style. I like it. Took me 90 minutes from start to finish and it does not look half bad. I've had some trouble with hands tho. Can't do them fast.


Irregularlies #144

It turns out that knowing the planes of the torso makes it a lot easier to draw a torso. WHO KNEW.

Some figures from imagination:

I need to do plane studies of every body part.


Irregularlies #143

Trying to figure out the planes of the torso. Usually I have a lot of resources from other artists to look at, but for this I only had 2 pages from Loomis's "Figure drawing for all it's worth". So this time I am going in blind!


Irregularlies #142

Today I only had an hour to draw. This is it. I tried using the new construction method while drawing from imagination. Shit is tricky but overall I am having an easier time drawing the human body. 

Now I need to figure out how to develop interesting poses. Balance, weight distribution, twisting, turning, motion and shit. Also I am still having a hard time with two interacting figures, and I think that's pretty bad for a porn artist.

Knowing the planes of the torso also would be cool. 


Irregularlies #141

Today I've been trying out a different way to construct the torso. The finished thing looks pretty much exactly the same as always but it's done way differently:

Red ones are from imagination, the rest are done from photos. This one is mostly about how to draw the ribcage-midsection-hips so I did not put boobs on every one of them. Enjoy your boobless mannequins.

-=-=-=- Edit: -=-=-=-

Have some more, still from photos:

I am loving this. Between the grey and brown figures something clicked and I started drawing the figures way better than before. I feel that I've finally found what was missing from my figure drawing. 

Here's the different method I am talking about:

I like it. It treats the whole torso as one form instead of dividing it from the start. I need to practice it a little bit more before I am fully comfortable with it but I think I'll go with this method from now on. 


Irregularlies #140

Hi guys! Sorry for the blogpost being so irregular (oh lawd) lately. I've been having hard time drawing anything lately. Not really an art block, I guess I was just tired of juggling commissions, this blog and learning how to draw all day every day. Anyway I am over it (hopefully) and I am ready to get back to updating more often.

Here's what I've been doing behind the scenes (beware of the ugly heads. that's how it looks when I am not trying to make it pretty):

A whole lot studies and practices! I've been trying learning planes of the body. I started with heads and hands. Good stuff. Makes you really think in 3d. I've also been going over proportions and forms all over the body. Also fun.


Irregularlies #139

Still trying to get this whole "skin" thing.

Heavily referenced from this photo:


Commission: Jade and Amber

I've finished this one around a week ago but a busy weekend and inherent lazyness stopped me from uploading it. 

Irregularlies #138

Another wip!

Good news: I cleaned the bad boy up and set up masks.
Bad news: In the process of doing that the painting lost a lot of depth. Nothing that can't be fixed tho. 

I also did this shitty thing today:


Irregularlies #137

The painting is slowly leaving the "Holy fuck this looks horrible, why am I doing this to myself, I should have never tried to paint anything" phase. 

Still needs a lot of work tho. 


Irregularlies #136

Sorry for dissapearing on you! Last couple of days have been really crazy and busy for me. I've been away from my pc and tablet so I couldn't do anything.

Update on the painting. Looks like shit.

I am trying out the watercolour brush in SAI. It's fun, and I can see the potential but I can't control it very well, yet.


Irregularlies #135

I've figured out what was bugging me about this piece, and what was bugging me about my art in general! I don't know shit about proportions. It's pretty obvious problem when you think about it.

Anyway here's the revised sketch. I moved, resized, and refitted some stuff and now it is no longer pissing me off. I still need to refine it before I start applying colours, but I think I am pretty much done with this sketch.

Also the shorts are making a comeback! Whooo.


Irregularlies #134,5

Thanks for your suggestions! I did not agree with every one of them, but some were really enlighting. I need to post more works in progress here. 

Something is still bugging me. Oh well, I'll take a stab at it tommorow. 

I added the glasses to the sketch because in the backstory she was his high school teacher. I am aiming for that hot teacher thing. 

Irregularlies #134

I did some work on #3 today. Mostly redoing the dickgirl's pose and refining the rest of the sketch before painting. I am still not quite happy with their expressions tho. They seem kinda goofy.


Voting closed!

#3 won! Yaaaay

I think I'll be working on it every other day, like with the comic. I'll post the first WIP tommorow. 

This will be most likely, the last pool I've done on this blog. I want some kind of reader participation, but the pool is just too impresonal. I think a lot of people voted without even reading the post. That's why #3 won, despite my announcment that I will do a comic about it. Also the amount of fuckers that tried to vote in the comment section really disturbed me.

How else can I get some audience participation going on this blog, tho? 

Oh, and thanks to Martins Olberg for setting up that /d/ thread about the pool. Spread the word! ;)


Irregularlies #133

=-=-=-= I'll be closing the pool in around 12 hours so vote if you haven't yet =-=-=-=

Back to the grind!

Trying out a simple colouring style for the next comic. I want something that is both fast and looks good. I think what I did today is pretty nice and fast but I will need to do some more experimentation with it.

I see that #3 is winning the pool, which is upsetting some people, because I am gonna do a comic about it anyway. Don't worry  I haven't written the comic yet, nor have I designed the characters so they will probably look different that these ones. Situation might change too. All I know for sure is that I want there to be a younger trap, and older curvy dickgirl living together. So in the end you will most likely get two very different things.

Also somebody complained that there's been a lot more traps in here recently... Yes that's about right. And there's gonna be even more because I've been really getting into them in the last couple of months. Traps might end up being me niche in the end. Dmitrys has his muscle futas and lil boys. I'll take care of adult crosdressers and feminine dickgirls, why not.