Irregularlies #146

Another quick one. I don't like it as much as the yesterday one

I think that the body is ok, but the hands, shoulders the face, and the folds are not up to par. I need to do more work on these things.


  1. Yeah, shoulders are a problem, way too high. +_+

  2. I liked this one better-'

    ,-Probably because I love Elves^^
    ;And Yellow

  3. ahww , a missclick completely erased what I had written for nearly half an hour. I'm too pissed to start over ...

    I find the comments on this blog generally rather relevant so I wait to see the other posts before redoing mine

  4. Perhaps it's the way her left breast appears smaller than her right one,
    which results in the large empty skin area between breast and shoulder on her left side.
    And the way she's leaning back (which is a lovely pose) is a little spoiled by the hunched appearance of her shoulders.
    But otherwise she's gorgeous =)
    perhaps a delectable in some princely elf's harem?

    1. Now that you mention it, there is a size difference to the breasts. That or my eyes are playing some kind of trick on me. All in all it is a lovely picture with just 2 minor areas that could use some TLC.

  5. I love her face!!
    and i think, if you would have made a futaversion of her, the problems wouldn't be so obvious^^

  6. With all the dickgirls, I sometimes forget how much I appreciate a simple muff.