Quicky #4

These lil shits got a name! Quicky... Why not

Another one. Again 70min.

Kinda lame. I need to put more thought into posing these.

Irregularlies #208

Another one! 70 minutes

It's very refreshing to finish a coloured piece this qickly.

Irregularlies #207

This one was an hour. Very very fun. 

Rough sketch -> rough colours ->some painting on top -> shitload of colour adjustments and weird effects in photoshop

If you're curious, here how it looked before all of the effects were added in PS:


Commission: Glowy bimbo blowjob

I discovered chromatic abberation. The sluttiest of visual effects ;)

Irregularlies #206

I am fried and I need a break. For the next couple of days I'll either do nothing with this blog, or I'll post some rough stuff like this one:

Half an hour of not caring about quality.


Irregularlies #205

Brain still refuses to do studies from photos but it's very cooperative when it comes to other artists. 

Clothing from yukimi comics:

Aaaand Sam making cumzies:

On to page #6!


Irregularlies #204

Fixing your mistakes 101: crop the shit out of it. Third panel is still kinda fucked up, but I am not getting back and redoing it. 

Eliot is gonna get a pretty big panel on the next page, for her reveal. She can stand to have her butt cropped out of this one. 

All that's left to do is to revise the dialogue and make proper speech bubbles. 


Irregularlies #203

Shouldn't have done that weird perspective in panel 3. I screwed it up. Oh well...


Irregularlies #202

Brain agreed to do some rough studies today. Thank you brain.

Aaand some progress on page #5


Commission: Mindfuck

Another one for Pantboy

Featuring Sinn4u's character Ariela and 2 random action babes being fucked by mind controling evil fuckmonsters. 


Irregularlies #201

Brain still refuses to do studies. Which means more time for the comic. Yaayyyy.

Page #4 finished! Again with thanks to pervertededitor for editing the perversion :D

I've also started working on page #5 

Sam end up getting that deepthroat for apologising so nicely :3


Irregularlies #200

Whooo 200 dailies/irregularlies. So what.

Somehow my brain refused to do studies today. Instead I finished the art for the comic page #4. I still need to revise the dialogue, and do proper speech bubbles but I don't feel like doing that today.

I decided not to do the butt fingering sound effects after all. Thanks for suggestions tho :)


Commission: Space goat butt

Irregularlies #199

Some studies:

Aand progress on the comic. Page #4 should be done tommorow:

I really like how that butt is coming along.

Ps. What would be a good sound effect for a finger going in and out of the butt? 'Shlick'? That's more like a woman masturbating, tho. 


Commission: Sea monster sexy times!

Irregularlies #198

Naked butts:

Aaand started inking page #4. 

I need to keep closer attention to anatomy and proportions in the next pages. There are some screwups on this page. 


Irregularlies #197

I took a day off today, to laze around and recharge my batteries.

Two productive things I did today were:
-write the script for the next 4 pages of the comic. Oh what a sweet feeling, knowing that I have the dialogue mostly done.

-Finish up the sketch for page #4 and add the dialogue:

They're babbling again. I like writing characters that talk too much.


Irregularlies #196

Final dialogue. Came out better than I expected. Thanks for the help from Pervertededitor. 

Also daily naked butts:

I'll get back to bigger studies, and that Twi'lek animation once my drawing schelude get's back to normal.


Irregularlies #195

Another shit day. I started drwaing at 5pm, which is really late for me. It's hard to start working with most of the day over. 

Anyway, Today's batch of naked butts:

And I finally forced myself to write the dialogue for page 3. If you have any suggestions how to improve it, let me know. If not, then it's going up on HF as is.

Speech bubbles are placeholders for now.


Irregularlies #194

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've had some trouble keeping up my regular drawing schelude lately. I hope that the rest of febreuary will be more consistent.

Anyway, remmember when I said that I am sick of studies? Yeah that lasted for about 24 hours. I've been doing some really short figure drawing studies at the start of every day.

And today I decided to do some hand studies:

I've also tried writing the dialogue for the #3 page of the comic, but I am stumped. Everything sounds stupid, and I can't think of anything that will fit the situation. I am never gonna draw the page before writing the dialogue again.


Irregularlies #193

Dick'lek whoooo

Aaand some progress on this one.


Commission: Gluttony


Irregularlies #192

Since I am done with that batgirl animation I wanted to start the next one. This time it's gonna be a dickgirl jacking off. Nothing too complex. I decided to go with a Twi'lek because I am not ready to get into animating hair. 

Halfway through sketching it I realised that the pose is boring. I'll start over tommorow with a more interesting angle. Or a totally different concept, who knows.

I also have some WIP's of a commission I am working on... Dickssss

I remmember my previous painting commissions being really hard and frustrating. Not this one. All of these fucking painting studies are paying off. 


Irregularlies #191

I am kind of sick of studies right now. I think I'll focus on trying out new things from imagination for a while. I  want to experiment with my style a bit.

But before that, behold! Them lips are around the cock! There's also some subtle eyebrow action going on! 

I need to adjust how her lips are moving on the dick. It's kinda silly looking right now. I'll also try to redo the eyes. I want to be able to choose where she's looking and maybe do some sexy blinking. The way I modeled her face now it's impossible. I make a couple of errors along the way that I don't know if I can fix. Oh well. At least I'll know what to do for the next animation.

I've also almost finished work on page #3. All that's left is to add the dialogue... After I write it. Why am I doing this to myself?

I've tried doing a couple of things differently this time around. Most notably Sam's hair is now almost completly black. I think it looks better this way... Also it's faster and I won't have to spend so much time inking his damn hair.


Commission: Nethim and Kubina

Titty milllk

Irregularlies #190

Sorry for the lack of updates, my internet went down for a couple of days.

I have some goodies for you:

I've been learning blender because I wanted to try animating my pictures like this guy. Two days ago, right before my internet crapped out I decided to finally try doing one of these myself. I quickly painted a simple blowjob pic:

I really should crop it.

I aided myself with tutourials and the user manual for blender in the beggining but after I lost my connection I had to go blind. That's my excuse for why it looks shitty ;)

Click for better quaity. It's 2,5mb so it might thake a while to load.

I think this is not that bad for my first attempt. 

Things left to do:
-Make the eyes follow the camera
-Make the mouth wrap around the dick
-Animate the cheeks so she's actually sucking.

I have no idea how to do any of these. Wheee

Also I did these hand studies, and made some progress on the comic:



Irregularlies #188

Today I tried this neat texture study thing I found on /ic/ some time ago:

Even if I look at photos, they come out so cartoony. I'll need to pay closer attention next time.

Also the comic is back whoooo

Drawing comics is hard. And my style being rather complex doesn't help either. For example the way I draw and ink hair for stand alone pictures is just too damn time consuming for comics. I need to figure out how to simplify my style for the comics, without sacreficing too much.