Irregularlies #197

I took a day off today, to laze around and recharge my batteries.

Two productive things I did today were:
-write the script for the next 4 pages of the comic. Oh what a sweet feeling, knowing that I have the dialogue mostly done.

-Finish up the sketch for page #4 and add the dialogue:

They're babbling again. I like writing characters that talk too much.


  1. Good job on the "wide-angle ass" shot in the middle panel ;) The curling fingers in each of Sam's hands is a great visual for what he's currently feeling. Also, I like Eliot's growing bulge in both panels, her gradual horniness ties in with her (assumed) dominance. I hope she's pitching a major tent by the time she's done pleasuring Sam and it becomes his turn to service her cock...

  2. I really like the layout of this page :)
    Ever consider doing a full comix series, something like 20 pages or more?

  3. I enjoy your character ramblings.