Irregularlies #205

Brain still refuses to do studies from photos but it's very cooperative when it comes to other artists. 

Clothing from yukimi comics:

Aaaand Sam making cumzies:

On to page #6!


  1. Elie's gonna let her hair down, drop those glasses, slide her sweater off her bountiful breasts, shimmy off those hip-hugging pants, and pull out her panty-stretching cock. Sam will be leaning against the bookshelf, nervously trembling at the sight of Eliot's seductive pose, lustful expression on her face while one of her hands teases her nipple and the other slowly strokes the almost too large monster cock throbbing in Sam's direction. Its time to show him what the girl with the intimitating cock and divine body does to have a good fucking and never ending cum.

    ...man, the next pages are just gonna be great.