Irregularlies #189


*Fart noise*


  1. You missed a great opportunity to draw a tiny cock on the guy standing under the stone arch ;)

    Seeing how you generate art on a regular basis, what's you average daily art schedule? Something like studies in the morning, commissions at noon, comic in the afternoon, everything else at night? Or is it whatever you feel like working on at that time?

  2. Lately it has been:
    -2h blog stuff: studies, comic, drawings etc.
    -4-6h commissions,
    -Maybe an hour of something personal if I still have energy before sleep,

  3. Or have you learned to do digital painting?

  4. Do you eyedrop the colors from the photos for those studies or are the colors eyeballed?

    1. Eyeball all the way. If you colour pick then you are missing out on an opportunity to develop your colour perception.

      Although often if I failed to pick the right colour several times in a row, I just check what it is with the colour picker. Then I reset the picker and try again on my own.

    2. That's great to hear and extremely helpful. Thanks and keep up the studies!

    3. InCase, you are the most serious porn artist I've ever seen. I love your work, and it's great to reap the wanktastic benefits of your craft. :)

  5. Hi,

    I am sorry to bother you, but I find out that one of my student just stole some of your work pretending to be his. Can I just contact you by email to ask you a few question to be sure you are not him :) It is not acceptable for me that a young artist use somebody else work. Please contact me at tharmine@yahoo.com. cheers

  6. Have you done traditional paintings before InCase?