Comic #1 : A little preview

Batgirrrrl. <3

I need to work on consistency. She looks like a different girl each panel. 


sketch #7

Here's something for today. She's an english teacher at the same school that a certain nurse works at.

They have very loose morals there and a pretty bad SAT score average. I wouldn't reccomend enroling if you want to actually learn anything. Other than how to fuck a horny slutty teacher that is.


sketch #6 / Cintiq :D

Guess what! I bought a small, overpriced LCD monitor that can also work as a graphical tablet! And by that I mean Wacom Cintiq 12WX. I'll try writing my impressions after I get used to working on it (spoiler: It's awesome).

Anyway, here's the first half decent thing I managed to draw on it. A young'ish looking Olivia Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist. I gave her a dick because I can.

Expect more sketches in the near future as I try to get used to the cintiq enough to start doing commisions with it.


Demonic futa something

Can't think of a good title for this one D:


Commisions open for a while!

If you are interested gooo here:

--- EDIT --

Aaand done. I've got the slots filled