Commisions open!

I alredy have a couple lined up so you won't get anything done right away, but if you want to get on the queue go here:

I need to do a formal queue somewhere on this blog.


Sketch Challange #7

AAand done. My internet broke down again yesterday evening, but I finished the sketch on time. While waiting for the internets to work again I coloured it.

It's the return of the gaaay. Manly!

Seven days (well, eight, but shut up.), seven sketches, fourteen people. It was hard, especially the last two when I started feeling burned out, but it was worth it. I learned a lot about my drawing process, and dropped off a few unnececary habits. I also know what I have to work on next. Year 2012 will be a busy one :)

I will definitely do something like this again. 


Sketch Challange #6

This one is all right. One more to go! 

No, I don't know why would anyone want to have sex in a corset.

Sketch Challange #5

My internet went down yesterday, but I still finished the piece on time. Totally counts.


Today's one in a couple of hours


Sketch Challange #4

This one was fast! Am I actually learning something from this challange, or did I just finally warm up after 4 days?

That fisting hand is bad. I really need to do some hand studies after I finish this week.

Sketch Challange #3

This one I definitely like :). A return of the red Oni. Aand turns out she is a proper futa. What a twist!

OC's are fun. I need to do more of that.

It's been a long time since I drew a guy without a dick or a dildo anywhere inside his body. Weird.


Sketch Challange #2

Meeh. I don't like this one. But a challange is a challange!

Made me realise that I waste 50% of the time on correcting my mistakes instead of refining and polishing. I need to focus more in the initial stages of the sketch. 


Sketch Challange #1

Today I've realised that I really, really need to do more sketches. For many reasons.
So, for the next seven days I will do a daily sketch of two people having sexy times. Here's the first one:

Two people, that are not women, having bum sex! Wonderfull!


Wonder Woman

For a second there I thought about making the title be "Wonder WoMAN" and posting only the futa version. 


commision: Frustrations

Bigger version



sketch: Wonder Woman

I am not quite done with DC babes yet! 

This one is weird for me because I never really gave a fuck about Wonder Woman. Not a fan. I don't dislike her, I just never read or watched anything with her as the pratagonist. I was doing a quick pose study from a photo and I've gotten the idea to make it into a WW piece. Turned out pretty good. 

I Will most likely color this... and do a futa version :3


Harley Quinn

I don't have an idea for the title. Weird. 

Commision: Emily and Marina

Many versions ahead!



Comic #1: Another little preview


Somebody asked me in the comments if I was going to sell this comic. Nope. It's just a one page thing I am doing for fun and practice. 


Comic #1 : A little preview

Batgirrrrl. <3

I need to work on consistency. She looks like a different girl each panel. 


sketch #7

Here's something for today. She's an english teacher at the same school that a certain nurse works at.

They have very loose morals there and a pretty bad SAT score average. I wouldn't reccomend enroling if you want to actually learn anything. Other than how to fuck a horny slutty teacher that is.


sketch #6 / Cintiq :D

Guess what! I bought a small, overpriced LCD monitor that can also work as a graphical tablet! And by that I mean Wacom Cintiq 12WX. I'll try writing my impressions after I get used to working on it (spoiler: It's awesome).

Anyway, here's the first half decent thing I managed to draw on it. A young'ish looking Olivia Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist. I gave her a dick because I can.

Expect more sketches in the near future as I try to get used to the cintiq enough to start doing commisions with it.


Demonic futa something

Can't think of a good title for this one D:


Commisions open for a while!

If you are interested gooo here:

--- EDIT --

Aaand done. I've got the slots filled


WIP: Cowgirl 2

" All muscles appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real muscles is purely coincidental. "

I like where this is going. And I am rarely happy with my own work. 

This time pussy/boobless version.


WIP: Very original cowgirl

A cowgirl with a horsecock! I think I might have discovered a whole new fetish! This and also irony! 

Another b&w painting practice. There's also a pussy and a boobless version. Sooo... I am gonna be having gay ol' time painting this one!

Rough sketch. Around 15 minutes in

There's something wrong with this dick... 45min in

There you go. All ready to be painted. 1.5h


WIP: Idonthaveatitleyet

A painting practice I started doing tonight instead of sleeping or working on something important. It's 4h old right now, and I doubt it'll go over 6 when I am done with it.

Fuuuck I should be doing commisions right now


commision: Poison bondage

Versions! That's all of them I swear! ;)


Aayla Secura

Versions versions. Not much difference this time. 


commision: Big love 2

Return of the giant lesbians!


WIP: Deflowering

That fat guy's ass is all wrong.