[shilling intensifies]

I added a flattr buttons to this blag. I have only a vague idea of how it works. I guess you can pay me money for being super cool. 

I'll write something more about after new years.


"Surprise: comic #8

There you go. This week's comic is shorter because christmass.

Also no stream today. Feeling burned out after finishing "my debut"



For the last couple of months I've been focusing on the looser and more gestural side of figure drawing. I need to get back to studying anatomy properly.

-Gesture warmup
-Sum more figure drawing 
-Shit attempts at studying anatomy books. Eeeh it's so boring. Bridgman and Bammes.



The holidays are finally over. Time to get back to work

-Quick gesture warmup
-Figure drawing focusing on form
-Cross sections. Fun stuff

I noticed that my figures are lacking depth. Time to work on that.


PrismGirls update #2

Shilling intensifies!

Here's what I've been working on for PG lately. 

"My Debut"

20 page story about two lovely ladies getting in on a fancy orgy. And yes I meant ladies! No dicks on these two.

Page 10 was just uploaded to PrismGirls. The rest should be up within the next two weeks. If you want to subscribe to PrismGirls please use this banner and choose verotel as a payment method. I get a cut this way.

After I am done with this comic, I'll be back to doing commissions for a while. I think I'll be alternating between periods of commission work and comics for PG. Either way I'll be also working on a free weekly comic.

"Surprise" comic #7

Trying a different approach to comics. I'll do one page every week. How long the page is depends on how much time I had.



beep boop

Warmups from the last couple of days




Some sexy lingerie studies. I need to do more. I've drawn girls (ahem) in sexy lingerie since forever but I really never studied that. Aside from stockings, which are the easiest things to draw, my lingerie is kinda shitty. 



Warmups from the last two days

Boning up on vaginas.