PrismGirls update #2

Shilling intensifies!

Here's what I've been working on for PG lately. 

"My Debut"

20 page story about two lovely ladies getting in on a fancy orgy. And yes I meant ladies! No dicks on these two.

Page 10 was just uploaded to PrismGirls. The rest should be up within the next two weeks. If you want to subscribe to PrismGirls please use this banner and choose verotel as a payment method. I get a cut this way.

After I am done with this comic, I'll be back to doing commissions for a while. I think I'll be alternating between periods of commission work and comics for PG. Either way I'll be also working on a free weekly comic.


  1. sweet, sweet commissions \o/

  2. I spotted the trap on the cover-page.

    Very sneaky!

    1. ^This

      Also, who's in the dunce cap

  3. Mostly straight work from InCase, and it is looking fantastic! WooHoo!

  4. I guess one of the 2 ladies is fu...

  5. Awww, those two amazing ladies don't have something extra! Shame on you, sir!
    Lol, kidding! Lovely work, especially the foxy girl! :3

  6. It would be better if incase had drawn them ladies as futanari with balls or as well hung traps.
    I am tempted to pay to see that.

  7. "Ladies" ! yehawwww !
    i'm not in those "Something extra's"

    i'm happy that incase, sometimes, add a little gift for stranges guys who love ... girls...

  8. Re-subbed! ^.^ - Merry Xmas, Incase!!

  9. Our short-comings make us try harder which makes us more attractive which inspires others to try harder.

  10. Is this comic going to be free for the public ever? I'm thinking about a commission, but I haven't seen enough non-trap stuff. I feel like this comic has great potential, but I haven't seen enough from the previews

  11. This is a fun story. Both Charlotte and Emma are adorable. I hope we'll see more of these two.
    And I just love the setting. Everyone seems so casual and fun.
    It would be interesting to see how they started in this role in life. Is this like their dream job? Are they role models? What their training was like? It would be funny to see how their rivalry got started.