Commission: Dickpire Rises

Figure drawing #18

Fuck painting. I still have a lot to learn in the figure drawing department.

30 sec gesture studies -> 60 sec -> 2 min -> Stylised photo studies

I should do this sort of thing daily for a while.


Commission: Zaketa

Painting #2

I woke up too late and I didn't have a lot of time to study. Hence only these two studies:


Painting #1

I've been doing drawing studies for the last month. I am itching to do something in colour! 

I am starting out with something simple. Blocking in colours.


Figure Drawing #16

Taking wool peple further.

I guess it's cross hatching now?


Figure Drawing #15

Wool people!

I noticed that I don't pay enough attention to the form of the object I am drawing. I care more about the contour and that's a no-no. Makes my stuff look flat. 

I think this exercice will help me fix that. After drawing a rough study of the figure, I go over every surface and try to identify it's direction in space. It really makes you think about the shape of what you're drawing. 

Also it was hella fun. Wool boobies.


Figure Drawing #14

Good old shitty construction studies.



Figure drawing #13

I couldn't decide what studies to do today, so I did a couple different ones ones. 


Figure Drawing #12


Ps. No stream today. I am working on some personal projects.


Figure Drawing #11

Foreshortening studies. This time I put more thought into each one. Trying to figure out the perspective lines in the photos and actually measuring proportions. 

fgsfds perspective


Figure Drawing #10

For the next couple of days I want to focus on perspective and foreshortening.

I decided to start by doing some loose studies. Not really measuring anything, just trying to get a feel of the depth and form in perspective.



Commission: Horny chick AMIRITE

Figure drawing #8

Day after the break is always hard. Can't focus.

Rough (lazy) hand studies


Figure Drawing #8

Stylised musslss

Planes of the head


Figure Drawing #6

More hands

More stylised photo studies


Figure Drawing #5


Today I tried something new. I found photos of purdy ladies and instead of trying to copy the bodies as well as I can, I tried to stylise them. Downplay parts I don't like, and exagerrate the parts I find appealing.