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I created an ask.fm account a while ago but I forgot to tell you guys.

So you can now ask me silly questions if you feel like it

Irregularlies #119

Comic day! Whoooo

Page 6 is pretty much done. 

All I need to do is add the dialogue. Blegh


Irregularlies #118

Yep, that's the new title. Thanks to the kind anon for contributing.

Study day!

Tried doing tiny colour studies from Crl+Paint . I did these over the last 2 days.

Awesome way to learn about colour and light. But I am having problems with finding good photos to work off. Deviantart and Tumblr are riddled with beautifull photographs that are too processed digitally to work off them. I need some real lighting not photoshop filters.

I also decided to start each day with some quick 60-80 second gesture studies aided by this website

Today's and yesterday's:

Blargh. I feel like I am focusing on wrong things while working these. I need to think about proportions and actuall form of what I am drawing instead of  just copying contours. Oh well, I have the next 40 years to get it right.


I need a new title for these #117

Thumbnails. Woooo. Felt like practicing some poses.


Dughrlies #116

A little bit of environment sketches. Blalalargh.


Not dailies #115

Little progress. Having motivational troubles. 




Dailies #111

Whooo page 6!

Turns out there's also gonna be page 7. Wheee


Dailies #110

Time to learn some shit about light!

Quick value studies. Maybe 20min each? No lineart/sketch, just straight up painting. 

Be prepared for a lot of value/colour studies in the next couple of weeks. 


Dailies #109

Page 5 finished!

Edit: Stupid blogspot resized the page. I reuploaded the full sized version.


Dailies #108

Hi guys! I felt like drawing a muscly, hairy guy jacking off. So I did!


Dailies #107

Almost there!

I noticed that I forgot to draw the messanger bag on the futa... Oh well. Let's say she dropped it on the floor inbetween pages.

Also thanks to whoever uploads these comics to g.e hentai! Made my day ;)


Dailies #106

Blalalargh quick figure studies

I should do half an hour of those every day, as a warm up.


Dailies #105

Blargh. Bad drawing day.

Witch each frame their faces are less and less like on the first page... I really need some precise design documents before starting a comic. Meeeheheh

Commission: Synthia

Oh my.


Dailies #104

I'll be doing a general review of anatomy in the next couple of days. 

Today I did some general "Um... How do I draw people, again?". Most of it is not fit for this blag, but at the end of the hour I drew a couple of figures from imagination. Each one took maybe 5-10 minutes. 

They are kinda shitty, but at no point I had any trouble drawing them. Even the hands were a breeze. I guess that's what I've been working up to for the past few months. Being able to just draw the body without redrawing everything 10 times untill it somehow magically works. I still have a long way to go untill I can draw truly beautifull bodies with ease, but for now I am fine with mediocrity.


Semi Dailies #103

This page feels a lot easier to draw than the previous ones. Did I get better at drawing comics, or did I finally stop caring?

I probably should start thinking about the dialogue right now... And how to make the next page the last one without making the ending too abrupt and weird. Eh.

Commision: Magic futa

Fleur Delacour handling Tonks in a rather unladylike manner.


Kinda dailies #102

Did a /d/ drawthread request yesterday:

Oh and also handsies:

The hands below the red line were drawn mostly from imagination (and looking at my stupid big hands). They are far from perfect, but I think they will suffice for now. 


Not Dailies #101

Another break! Bleh. I've been having hard time with drawing lately. Small art block or something. I think I am mostly over it tho. 

Anyway, here's some riveting dialogue for you. Hold on to your butts!

I also started working on the page #5. Looking good.


Dailies #100

Even more hands! Yaaay. 

Above red line: very rough studies from photos
Below:Imagination tiiimeee

I think I am starting to get it. Once again the answer was thinking first in terms of simple form and gesture, and then using anatomy to make it realistic. My little breakthroug from couple of days ago seems to be far more important than I initially realised. Cool.

 My biggest problem right now is foreshortening of fingers and the thumb. Gonna work on that next time.


Also 100 dailies! Whoooo... It took me only 143 days... So I guess these are not as daily as I would like to think. Meh.


Dailies #99

Meh. Finished shading the fourth page but I relly don't feel like writing dumb dialogue today. I'll do it later.

Psd file for those who want to take a stab at colouring this one. 

I also tried figuring out dem hands with mixed results. I learned some new stuff, but using it in practice is hard. Hands are complex.

I'll keep working on them in the next couple of days. After that I think I am done with anatomy for a while. I really want to work on colouring.


Dailies #98

At first this was supposed to be only a quick wam up sketch before doing some face studies, but alas it was not meant to be this way.

Sooo I guess colouring practice? 


Dailies #97

Almost done! I'll finish the shading on the last panel and add the dialogue next time

I also did some more work on heads yesterday. I tried figuring out how to draw open mouths better. 

I think I can draw a pretty bitching lips etc. but I have trouble placing them correctly on the face. I'll have to figure out how to do that.


Dailies #96

I took a day off from doing commisions to practice drawing heads. I mostly focused on figuring out a way to draw better, more interesting eyes, and how to do them at different angles. 

Some warmup faces (bleh, ugly) and some eyes I drew while figuring out how to construct them in 3d.

The 3 eyes that are somewhat shaded were quick studies from photos.

Even if you can draw pretty eyes it doesn't mean a thing if you can't place them correctly on the head. I did these to practice exactly that. Plus it does not hurt to draw some heads at different angles once in a while.


Dailies #95

Basic shading! Egads!

I thought I'll try putting more effort into shading this page. Looks good without taking much time. I think I'll keep going like this. 

Commision: Harley and Buttman



Dailies #94

No comic today, sorry. I am feeling very lazy, and I alredy have something to post that I drew yesterday. So here you go:

Futa on maaale.