Dughrlies #116

A little bit of environment sketches. Blalalargh.

Not really interested in showing these, but I wanted to upload something along with what I want to write today. Drawing 'dailies' (even if I don't manage to do them every day) is weighing me down right now. It's not the lack of motivation to draw something for myself every morning, be it a study/comic/sketch, but the fact that I have to upload something here. For example, today I drew some stuff in SAI and tried painting them in photoshop. I did not end up with anything worth showing, but I did try out some new things, and I liked what I did today. But the whole time I had this nagging voice in the back of my head saying "Draw something for the blog. You still don't have anything for the blog. Fuck this, draw something for the blog"

Having to upload something every day was great for developing discipline when I started, but now it's holding me back, and frankly it makes drawing a bother. I tried figuring out how to modify my schelude to allow myself more freedom and at the same time stop myself from slacking off. I think I came up with something good. Like now, I will be alternating between days of:

-Drawing the comic/porny sketch/something sexy and presentable <-must upload
-Doing studies/screwing around/doodles/break <-upload if worth showing

This way I still have a schelude I can stick to (I find it's important for me), while having a certain degree of freedom. Also this way you get something every other day for sure, and maybe more if I feel like it's worth it. I guess only people who like seeing my studies will miss out on this one. Sorry guys.


  1. Hey, it's your blog, you do not owe the readers anything. If someone checks it regularly, they will probably fap to anything you put here anyway. Like that Cocktower in the picture above.

    1. ^ Haha! Genious right there ^

    2. I'll try to include more cocktowers in my future work, if they are so popular. ;)

  2. Personally i love anything you upload, may it be studies, sketches, comics or commisions. But it's true, it's your blog, you do what you want. If we don't like it we either complain, or leave.

  3. Aah try not to sweat it =) the way I see it, posting your dailies to the blog is more of a secondary aspect of the whole thing-- first and foremost they're for yourself, and getting to see any when you post them is just a wonderful lil' bonus on our end! Especially when you still consistently put out awesome regular work as well.

    I love getting to see the dailies, but think there's a general understanding that we're getting to see these extra sketches and studies you've done that you decided to upload, rather than you being beholden to us to frequently create even more free content.

    If that makes any sense at all? 0__o I'm super tired, pretty sure that actually didn't make that much sense.... basically don't let your dailies turn from an exercise into a chore, because that can really wind up being detrimental to their original purpose (he says, speaking from experience xP)

    In any case, those environs look ace! Loving that first misty/moody one =3

  4. I have to agree with everybody else, the daily thing is nice, but not necessary. Maybe you should give bi-weekly (or maybe even tri-weekly) updates a try for a bit; take the shackles off. I follow blogs that when there's 2 updates a month it's a big event, so there has to be a happy medium in there for you.

    But seriously I'd say you should give bi-weekly updates, maybe do a study update in the middle of the week (Tuesday or Wednesdays) and a sexy update for the weekend (Friday or Saturday)

  5. Agree with above; please yourself first and let the blog work for you instead of you working for the blog.

  6. I like the insight on what you're thinking when you're doing your art. But has been stated here before; it your Blog, do what you want. I mean it's not like anyone is paying to see what you're posting here so you have no obligations to the viewers. And I must say that I appreciate what you've posted here in the past and look forward to future postings.

  7. Maybe just a happy medium. Your blog doesn't ALWAYS have to have pictures, you know. If you want to both "please your readers" (posting) and "please yourself" (not posting pictures you don't think belong up here), just post a couple lines saying what you're up to. That way you keep everyone happy.

    Just an idea. As others have said, this is your blog. (although a blog that doesn't get read is just a diary, so you DO need your viewers too and not just the rampant ones that will always read whatever you post, no matter what).

    (FYI I am a first time poster, so I thought you might want to hear from a lurker)