I need a new title for these #117

Thumbnails. Woooo. Felt like practicing some poses.

Thanks for all of your comments on yesterday's blogpost! I'd answer them directly, but I'd have to pretty much repeat myself 8 times, so I'll do it here:

Thanks for being all cool and understanding. I know that I don't have to update this blog every day, but I still want to. It gives me motivation and it's a good way to start the day. Yesterday's blog was not about "Pllz guys let me go", but more "how do I organise this thing that I am going to do anyway?". Because I am gonna draw these sketches/comics/studies/etc. every morning anyway. I just need to find a balance between freedom and discipline. And updating this blog as often as I can is the 'discipline' part of the equation. 

About updating the blog once, twice a week: I dunno, I think it might make me lazy. If the new schelude does not work out, I'd probably scale back to updating like that. We'll see. 

Also, many of you wrote that it's not my obligation to update this blog, and it's not like you are paying me to do so, so I don't have to care that much. I think that's not 100% true. Yeah I can do whatever I want with this thing, sure, but I don't think that's the kind of a creator I want to be. It's like with webcomics: once the author says, that' he's gonna update three times a week, he'd betted update three times a week. Don't you hate it when the webcomic you like does not update when it's supposed to? That's the deal: you create content on time, and you get fans/fame/whatever in return. I might not be drawing a webcomic (well...), but I want to hold myself to the same standards. That's why I feel bad about not updating when I promised I would.


  1. Don't let the spoiled ones get you down, your real fans would wait a week for a single sketch. A month for an amazing picture. Or like me, several in rapt attention for a single seven page comic. Never think we hold you to a schedule, you can't rush perfection after all.

  2. See and this is why I like reading your blog, for the insight. As for a title, how about "oodles of doodles"?

  3. Regularly occurring rotation of the Earth upon its axis.

  4. Ah that's great! =) as long as the reason you do it is because you sincerely want to do it, is the main thing ^__^

    ......completeeeeely unrelated note, fffff I need to update more <__<

  5. I Agree completely with the first comment. Keep up the good work Incase

  6. Every-other-dailies.

  7. Honestly you're an inspiration to me, I have been drawing for couple of years now, and i'm nowhere near your level, it's becuase I'm always lazy, I always keep saying I'm not in the mood, or the muse isn't on my side today XD
    but seeing you drawing everday, especially with the dailies, where you drew a 100 hand and all, really made me want to take drawing seriously, and try challenging new things. and all of that is because of you, so thank you a lot! :)

  8. Call them "irregularlies", problem of timely delivery resolved.

    Also I applaud you for trying to be so active. Maybe some informative posts now and then about how you work, or the books you use to study, or something. That way, even if you feel like you don't have some artwork that's worth posting, you can still be active.

    Personally I love hearing about that, how an artist works and studies. But maybe I'm just weird.

  9. Eee tam najważniejsze że chcę ci się. ja tam bym sobie olał to choć patrząc na ten potencjał z ludźmi to może nie najlepszy pomysł nie mniej dalej mnie inspirujesz pomimo tych paru lat od jakich cię znam dalej robisz swoje i mało kto może ci dorównać. Z drugiej strony udało mi się w końcu zlecenia łapać wiec może kto wie albo to mnie zniszczy albo wzmocni...