Weekly poop #2

I'd give this week a 6.5/10 in terms of productivity. I've done some good work, but I know what I can do better. Especially with the comic. But first:


This week was mostly about foreshortening, boobs and heads. I noticed that I can't foreshorten worth shit, and it's been hurting my drawings a lot. Time to change that.

For the heads, I mostly studied some of my fav artists works to see how they draw them. Not gonna show you that.

I've also done a number of painting studies, but I will keep those to myself. I don't see myself painting anything pornographic in the near future. I think I'll paint my super secret non pornographic pics and save the whole sketch/ink/colour thing for porn. 


I've been doing some rough drafts for the first story. Right now it looks like 6 pages. I still need to add the dialogue before I can start drawing it. I've also been trying really hard to come up with neat faces for the two characters. Half of the challange was learning how to draw the same face twice. I still can't do it to well if I don't use a grid to transfer the proportions exactly, but I am getting better. 

Damn, his eyebrows look intense. They are gonna stand out less in the comic where his hair is black, but for now, daaamn. She's either a redhead or a brunette. We'll see.

I've also done some sketches for their bodies and outfits, but nothing substantial yet.


Commission: You gun get raped

AAAaaaw shit! He's back!

Hi there! As you might have noticed, I've been taking a break these past two weeks. Well, not really. I've been doing everything like usuall: drawing commissions, doing studies and doodling sht. I just haven't been posting any of it here. I needed to rethink some stuff about this blog, especially 'dailies'/'irregularlies'. Doing them has been really burning me out lately. I realised that I've been doing them more and more, because 'hey, I've gotta post stuff today', than to actually gain someting from them. That sort of attitude is at the same time tiring and ineffectual. I should be doing studies to get better, not to have something interesting to show you. And that's what I've been doing these past two weeks. It's been aaawesoomeee.

At first I thought that I'll just take a break and go back to updating this blog as often as I can, but that's no good. I can't do it. I am burned out, at least for now. Maybe I'll start dailies again in a couple of months but for now I am finished. It doesn't mean that I won't be posting studies, drawings and other stuff here. I just won't do that on a day to day basis. I think weekly content dumps and updates will be better for now. There's also gonna be rather frequent updates when I start drawing the next comic.

Also sorry that I didn't post anything about my absence before. It might sound stupid but if I write a blognote saying that I am taking a break, it doesn't feel like a break to me. It's just me, not posting stuff. 

(this one is pretty poor tho)


I've don't have a lot to show here. I've done a lot of stuff that either doesn't look interesting (learning perspective), or is too weird to show. I've been experimenting with my style a lot. That's one of the reasons I want to give myself some space. Sometimes I want to try someting out for a couple of days, just to drop it later and never look back. Doing that while being watched is hard. 

Stuff that I can show:

Welp, that's not a lot.


That dickgirl teacher and trap comic is still on. I've been figuring out character designs, and writing the script. I don't have anything for you right now, tho. It's all still pretty sketchy

Some fun facts about the comic, that I am almost sure of:
-It's not gonna be one long story, but rather a couple of 2-4 page shorts about them living together,
-The first short is gonna be in black and white, dunno about the others,
-I want to start drawing it somewhere in december,


Pretty much every picture that I promised I am gonna draw before my break is most likely never gonna happen. I tried finishing that Teacher/trap picture but I can't do it. I really, really don't like how it's coming out, and I don't think I can turn back now. As it looks right now I'd be embarassed to post it anywhere, and I'd sooner bite off my own balls than start it from scratch. Sometimes images don't work out and you have to put them down. them. This is such time.

Now, let the whining commence!


Commission: Eyline

Another lade being boned by a 6 armed alien. Wooo


Irregularlies #155


Brown ones are drawn from photos, blue ones from imaignation


Irregularlies #154

Motherfucking feet! My arch-nemeses!

Ba dum-tsh!

I started doing these studies yesterday, before that Cammy pic got smashed for shitty feet. It gave me a lot of motivation, tho. Curiously praise does not motivate me that much. 

Brown ones are from reference, blue from imagination. 

I need to do more of these. More feet tommorow!



Commission: Cummy Cammy


Sometimes I browse rule34 or g.e-hentai, come upon my work uploaded by somebody and I cringe. Versions. So many versions. Nobody, except for the commissioner cares for them. When I have to go through more than 3 different versions of a picture I close the page. I have no patience of that.


A commission I did around a month ago. Lately I've been really lazy about uploading commissions to this blog and HF. I have like 2 more pics waiting. 


After I finished the flat colours the client wanted me to add some more shadows for extra $$$. That's why there's two shading styles for this one.

Irregularlies #152

Leg studies! Whooooo!!!

I've been doing a shitload of studies in the past few days. I could dump them all at once, but I think I'll save them for days when I don't have anything creative to show. This way I could update this blog everyday