Irregularlies #155


Brown ones are drawn from photos, blue ones from imaignation


  1. I fapped to the blue on with spread toes.

    practice makes perfect, you are great and i love your practice stuff!

    1. Fapping to tiny sketches. Having a hard time finding porn, are we? :P

    2. na its that good bro

    3. Looking forward to seeing a full foot-fetish-themed image then?^^

      Coz I sure am :D

  2. -after some hours spend to search how to draw feets
    -after 2 hours writing a very long post
    -after 10 min of pause for checking Email
    -after 2 days of nausea following a inconsiderate closing of firefox once the email checked, deleting the entire post.

    I finally filed a slight repack of the post that I had done:

    so basically, this is what I was writing:

    define at what level is your problem is the main thing. and I think it is at your mental construct of the foot that goes wrong (again, I developed the idea further in my first post but ....
    In short, even in your sketches based on real feet, you regulary do the same mistakes: the size of the toes, the shape of the toes, heel angle, the strange line of separation between the foot and the soles as if the foot was compress upon a transparent surface)
    of what I could read offer you these few suggestion:

    firstly ,in case of conceptual error one of ideas is to break the method of creation:
    • You can try to draw disproportionate feet, like on a homunculus or a monster with really big toes or feet super wide etc ...

    • You can find inspiration elsewhere.
    I had find that, I hope that this is relevant:
    - Hulk comics! he is always barefoot, and he has big feet. perfect.
    - The manga: Shamo (aka gamecock (!) Or 军 鶏 in Japanese)

    I found at least one other thing but I do not remember.

    secondly, to master an organ as complex as the foot, it can be difficult to master all the different positions at once ( eg bump on top of foot appears only when the muscle contracts to bend the foot or at the backswing during a race)
    each position of a foot must be considered as a new bodypart each time, the proportions on arched foot no longer match on a flatbed foot
    of course study a max the anatomical, skeletal and muscle Cutaway is a huge plus.

    thirdly, if memorize the anatomy of the foot you not suit, there is always the possibility of cheating! ^ ^
    socks, boots, anything to keep the feet hidden, plus it can be very sexy (stocking, garter, naked boots)

    1. usually i use lot of "I suppose", or "in my opinion" because what i say is not a certainly , and even when well, it's really easy to come tell you do this and do that, if I'm wrong it will not disrupt my life.
      that plus the fact that I'm not a drawer, so I do not really know if what I do can help you or not (or even if my poor knowledge of English makes me understandable)

      but despite all that I am so a big fan of your work, I love how you're influenced by American comics and Japanese manga, a balance so different from other artists, making your style unique

      then I can not keep quiet ^ ^

      I so eager to see you engaging in ambitious projects that I want to help you pass details like the shape of feet.

      talking about Shamo a seconde : the interresting part of this manga (for feet) is only when the "hero" becomes a martial art expert (toward volume 4 or 5 ) before there are good hands , but not that much feet.


  3. I dislike foot fetish pics and hope you never do any.

    1. And so just because you don't like them, no one is supposed to like them? Shove off. If you don't like it, don't look at it.

    2. I happen to like them very much. Don't you even have one fetish most people dislike?

      [It's called a fetish if the average of people able to have it, doesn't like it],-(I think... It sounds about right at least)

  4. I think it would just be nice if bloggers would still post just a little update everyday even if they're not going to post any content. Even just a "Hey guys. Super busy today. Not going to be able to post anything." would be sufficient. But to just randomly stop posting without explanation is taking a shit on your followers' faces.

    1. I just don't hope Mr.InCase has died by a severe case of not eating breakfast; or something alike.

      I kind of want to be translucent now. Don't know why :S

    2. InCase is a smart guy, if anything I'd guess he's on vacation or something, he's earned a break after all. If this isn't the case I'd then guess maybe hos internet is down or his computer died. Both of which would be most unfortunate. But InCase, dead? I highly doubt it, in fact I think he might be immortal.

  5. I think he killed himself after that horrible Cammy feet :D

  6. Always a pleasure to see an artist taking an interest in mastering the basics. Whatever else you might get called, no one can say you're a Jim Liefeld.