If you haven't figured it out yet: I am done with this blog. Tumbler is a lot better suited to what I need and blogspot is a pain in the ass to update.

Here's where I am now:


Your mom's box.


Commission: Succubus' Sub

Commission for JohnDylena! 
Characters from his book “The Succubus’ Sub”, chapter 9 doing some invisible magical naughty stuff.


Sending out the e-mails

I am sending out the e-mails with details to auction winners, but I am slow as shit and it's gonna take a while. I thought I'll do them all tonight but I have to go out. So if you are on the list but haven't gotten an e-mail yet, don't worry.



Here's the list of requests I picked. I put colored and monochrome styles in separate categories for some reason.

I was going into this thinking I'll pick maybe 10-15 but I ended up with 28.  I couldn't decide.  And even with that many there's still a lot that I would love to do, but I just don't have time and energy to take on more than this. I already overdid it.

Anyway here are the lists


1. Lamia for Straycat

2. Purgy for Purgy teehee

3. Plant tentacles for TheEternals

4. Natasha yuri for LostBoy

5. Elf fella for vic79

6. Senna interracial for Skatetim777

7. Some gay shit for scoopss

8. Yuri teacher scene for C.H.U.D

9. Homestuck romancing for penandpaper

10. Succubuss femdom for Zhentar


1. Succubuss Sub for JohnDylena

2 Zoey for Supro        

3.Deviantdisplay for Pet

4.Phantom futa for Elementrexx

5.Ariella sleeping for Sinn4u

6.Shia the black double anal sandwich witch Babpada

7.Whole lotta X-23's for Wingbat

8.Brynja monstergirl yuri for  Improbable Intellect

9.Succubuss for PantBoy

10.Futa girlfriend for Nodnarb  

11. Ariella and Kana for BennyKing

12. Futa Karma and Jinx for N    

13. Scary Serum for ScarySerum

14. Tempus and Mystique for Beef

15. Beach trap gape for MrPointy

16. Maid trap for Zhentar

17. Jin's tea time for Redraider

18. Some draenei stuff for Wls

I guess I'll be alternating between the lists. I'll be sending e-mails with details to the winners later. If you are not on the list sorry. I can't do everything.


Time is up. No more submitting requests to the blind auction. I'll be sending e-mails to the winners and posting the list later today. I have to talk some things over with a couple of winners before I announce it.

I don't think I'll ever do an auction thing again. I like the automated aspect of using the form, believe me managing e-mails from 50-100 people every time I am open is a huge pain in the ass. I didn't like the bidding. I know what I want to charge, and every time somebody went under or over (yes that's also possible :D) it just made me sad for the wasted idea.

Next time I'll probably try setting up a form that calculates the price, based off the number of characters, used style etc.. 


PrismGirls shilling "Talking Dirty"

Time to shill another one of my PrismGirls comics! A 13 page comic about a dickgirl and a crossdresser having problems communicating. It also has dicks, butts, sexy lingerie and bondage. 

Page 1

And here's one of the panels from page 9 turned into a neat promo. 

Comic will finish running on PrismGirls this friday. But you don't have to wait :O. Oh no, you don't! You can subscribe now and get access to this and more comics by me and other skilled porn artists... Or you can pirate it when it leaks in a couple of weeks. Your choice. 

If you want to subscribe  do it through my banner. I get some extra money this way. Use verotel to pay. 



Dailies #15 - 21

Uploading these here every days is a pain in the ass so I am gonna do weekly dumps.

Check out my study tumblr if you want to see these daily

I really like these last two. Trying to design my own sexy alium race.


Daily #12

Loved the ending of Kill la Kill


Daily #11

Trying to design a sexy faceless cultist lady.


Daily #9

People in clothes. More or less. 


Trying into clothes



Daily #7

Trying different brushes for inking and shading. Meh. 


Daily drawings #4 and #5

Forgot to post yesterdays daily

Trying to figure out how to do faster inks.

And todays:

Still trying to do the same.