WIP: "Whipped" #2

looking good. But there's still a lot of work to do!  

Don't worry, the piercings, and the hand with the whip is still there. Just hidden. 


Commision: "Lady's GaGa's"

Crrrazy. But hella fun to do! :3


Video: "Her Day" part 2

I screwed up the recording and lost some important parts. OH WELL.

WIP: "Whipped" #1

A painting might be brewing! After seeing this awesome piece I got an itch to do some painting. I picked up an old pose study and started adding to it. Here's what I've got so far:

I'll be doing it little by little inbetween the daily commisions, so I don't expect to post another stage in a while. But I've been known to misjudge ;)


Commision: "Curare"

Couldn't think of a creative title! Appearently she is a character from animated series "Batman Beyound". I think I remember her vageuly. Anyway, I really like her design and colour scheme. Blue boobies.

Video: "Her Day" part 1

I figured the damned codeds out! Second part, with shading and colouring, soon.

There are some cuts in the video. Maybe 20 mins of work were off camera.


Commision: "It's a Trap!"

That's it. I am incapable of doing a simple sketch. Everything I do looks awesome.

Commision: "The happiest day of her life"

The first sketch commision! It was exactly as I expected: short, fun, and cheap (40$!).

I captured every step of me drawing this one, but the damned Ulead doesn't read the files right. They come out skewed. Eh. If any of you could help me I would be really gratefull. D:


My first video

I wanted to show you guys every stage of creating a picture. I don't feel very comfortable sketching while recording, so I've skipped that part. This one is just me doing some of the inking. My head wasn't in the game that night so I cut it short before screwing it up so much.

It's really short, low res, and overall kinda crappy; but for the first one it's not that bad I think. In the next videos I'll add some music, or maybe a voiceover commentary from me? Time will tell!

Next part should be ready tommorow, or by friday. Maybe, possibly, probably.


Sketch commisions open!

I am opening five slots for sketch commisions. You can see them on the right side of this site.
For the exact info check out the commision section. There's a button on the top of the site, that will take you there.

I am not doing my regular commisions because I've burned myself out drawing them before. Each one takes me 10-20h to finish, and by the time it's over, I am really tired of them. I'd like to try doing something faster, and cheaper.


The Grand Opening!

Hi there!

    Most of you probably know me, from my Hentai Foundry account. But for thoose new to my perverted artwork, I should introduce myself! My name is InCase, and I am a (currently) 22 yo, adult artist from Poland. And when I say adult art, what I really mean is nasty porn. If you are grossed out, by things like: women with dicks, grossly oversized genitalia or various bodily fluids flaying about, you should probably run away. And if you do enjoy thigs like that, then...  welcome!

    I'be created this website (well, blog) for three reasons. First one is, I feel that if I want to expand, as an internet based artist, I need to have my own website. Hentai Foundry is a wonderfull place, without which I wouldn't even be here writing this post! But it lacks many features. Customisable profile page, good blog system, artists own domain name, and many other small things. I will still post there, almost everything I do, but it's here that I'd like to focus my attention for a while. 

   My second reason is directly tied to the first one. I want to share more with my fans, than just drawings. Every time I find a new artist that I like, I try to find out more about him. Who he is? Why does he draw? How does he do it? Maybe he did some tutourials, or videos or just posted some works in progress?  These things always helped me enormously when I didn't know where to go next with my art. I want to start sharing more of my "behind the scenes" with you guys. I'll start with posting time lapse videos of me drawing, later maybe some tutourials, WIP's or sketches. I hope you'll all dig that :)

   And last but not least, there's the shop! If I am to keep being a full time adult artist, and not have to (gasp) get a real job, I need to make more than on commisions alone. I thought about creating my own paysite, or staying on Hentai United, but I am not that into the paysite model. Well, that's a topic for another post. Anyway, there's a shop with packs of exclusive artwork. Buy one if you want to. Or not. I won't be spamming anybody, or splattering this site with ads.

    Wrapping up: I hope you will like this website! And I also hope I won't get bored with it and abandon it like I did my previous blog :)