September Challenge voting pool! Weeee

Let me be clear, because I suspect some of you might have a wrong idea about this pool. It is NOT about which comic I will draw next. It's about which of these sketches I will turn into a painting. I alredy know what comic I will do next. It will be the story behind #3

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The vote will last 3 days during which I will be most likely taking a break from updating this blog.

Here are your contestants:







I did not include #1 in the pool because I think it stinks and I don't want to paint it. I know some people liked that sweater lady but I did not. 

September Challenge #7

Aaand done! I'll set up the voting in a second.

The story behind this sketch is about a beautifull, extremly racist neo-nazi woman who happens to be a huge masochist that likes being banged by black guys in her spare time. One of them finds her stash of... um, World War II memorabilia and they make her dress up while they gangbang her. I think of this one as Inglorious Basterds with black dicks instead of guns, and cumshots instead of carving swastikas into foreheads.

I came up with this one when I was thinking how to make interracial porn not racist. I don't think I succeeded.


September Challenge #6


Part two of that alien swingers club story. 

I need to draw more big nosed chicks. 


September Challenge #5


I went a little bit too ambitious with this sketch. 2 characters I can do, but 5 is too much for a daily sketch. If this one wins the vote I'll have to do some redrawing before painting. 

 Anyway, the story is about young guy who whores himself out to demons in return for some of their power. In the beginning of the comic he would start completly human, but then as he's fucked by a wave, after wave of demons he'd slowly transform into a sexy demonic dickgirl.


Commission: Human's something or other I don't know it's late

Whoa, a celebrity dick! 

September Challenge #4


An ogre saves the life of a young sorceress who is very, very gratefull. Being a girl who is up for anything she agrees to get him off in return not realising the size of his package, nor his lack of understanding of human anatomy. Humans need their internal organs to live. So here she is franticly trying to find a spell that will make her body able to take that dick, before the dummy jams it in and kills her. Fun stuff.

In a possible sequel they roam the countryside together, taking from the rich, not giving it to anybody and fucking in the bushes.


September Challenge #3


This story is about an older dickgirl living with a young crosdresser/trap (or a future dong lady if there's a sequel or something). First half would be her coming home from work, on a hot summer day and interrupting the dinner preparations. Second part would be him in makeup and some sort of a sexy outfit most likely involving some kind of a skirt, stockings etc, going to town on each other.

This one bugs me. On one hand I really like how his body came out. But on the other their faces, and her pose are really not what I wanted them to be. If I had more time with this one I would fix them but such is life in the challenge zone! No time!

I just realised this: a couple of days ago I made a rant about how I should take more time when sketching and not rushing into drawings, and now I am doing exactly that. What the hell.

Anyway it's 11pm here and I have a Torchlight 2 game to continue. Peace out.


September Challenge #2


Some time ago I had an idea for a comic about a married couple going to a space swingers club. She found an alien with two dicks and he found a sexy alien chick with just one ;). I'll most likely draw what happened with the housband somewhere this week. 

I think I'll make every sketch in this challenge about an idea for a comic. I have a lot of those.


September Challenge #1

Time for a weekly challenge! Whooo.

This one is simple:
-At least one sketch every day untill the next saturday
-At the end of the week we'll have a vote for the best one and I'll paint/colour that bad boy

Today's haul is pretty unremarkable. 

I think I forgot some anatomy in the last week. Dang. 


Irregularlies #132

Aaand I am back! Damn this was an unproductive couple of days. I am so behind with everything. Good thing that I took a break from the blog because I coulr not update it anyway. 

Time for some sketches! Warning, the file is huge even after lowering the jpg quality:

I wanted to try a new approach to sketching. If you are interested more details after the break.


Irregularlies #131

Today's upload is a little bit creepy.

I always had trouble drawing people's torsos while they are having sex. For some reason I can never align them right. So I thought of an exercice that could help me with it. I call it "Sexy tubes":

If you draw a flattened tube, divide it in two, and then divide the lower half in two, you will get a very simplified human torso that is easy to draw even if it's bent or twisted. I tried looking at photos of people fucking and replicating the positions of their torso's with my new inventions. Ended up looking hella creepy, but the exercice works. I feel that I learned some stuff. 


Irregularlies #130

Aaaaand done! 

It took me almost 3 months to draw these 7 pages but alas they are complete. Fucking, finally.


Irregularlies #129

Back to work! 

Boobie and expressions practice:

They are a combination of drawing from imagination and looking at other artists works to see how they do it. ShindoL for expressions and Oda Non for beewbies.

I'll probably do more of these, as well as some butt n dick ones. I've realised that I've been missing a part of the learning process. It is not enough to do studies of something, you also have to figure out how to draw it from imagination in an appealing way. Knowing how to draw "an ass" is good but it's better to know how to draw "dat ass"  ;)


Commission WIP: Amber and Jade #1

Taking a break from drawing today, but it does not mean that I don't have something prepared for you today!

I am going to be posting progress shots for two commisioned images I am working on right now. You guys seem to enjoy shit like that. 



Colours n shit somewhere in the future!

Commisioned by none other than this blog's very own frequent commenter Masterchefguy . Yeeeey


Commission: Warrior Princesss

This one took some work!

Irregularlies #128

More comic! Almost there!

I still did not write the dialogue for this one! Why am I doing this to myself? It would be so much easier to write the dialogue first, then match their expressions to it. Doing it the other way around is just insane. 


Irregularlies #127

Boobie and butt studies. 

( . )( . )


Irregularlies #126

And another comic day!

First two panels almost done.

Tommorow I'll probably take a break from the blag. 


Irregularlies #125

Surprise comic day! Didn't feel like doing any studies today, so I spent some time on the comic:

Gesture studies and 2 min portraits from the last two days:


Irregularlies #124

Comic day!

I'll need to go over these faces again to up the resemblance. Shit. 


Irregularlies: #123

Busy morning!

First I did some kissing studies (which are too shitty to show here) that allowed me to take another stab at kiss from the 7th page of the comic. Turned out ok:

I still need to work on their expressions etc. but the rough is solid. 

This little setback made me ralise that I still have some major problems with drawing faces. Daily gesture studies made drawing bodies so much easier and faster so I though I'd do some very quick face studies:

They all look like shit, especially the 80 second ones, but they are very helpfull with learning to draw better, more expressive faces. I'll add them to the daily warmup. And speaking of which:

Gesture studies from the last 2 days. Today I tried mixing it up and doing clothed figures. It's hard to draw the figure and the clothing in 80 secs but not impossible. I am learning a lot. 


Irregularlies #122

I tried draing the kiss on the 7 page of the comic, but I failed miserably. I'll do some kissing studies tommorow, and try again the day after. 

I didn't feel like starting on commisions so I did this:

It was supposed to be a stab at more realistic latex, but I got lazy halfway through just faked it.


Irregularlies #121

Quick latex studies!

High reflexity latex is fucking my brain up, but I think I am starting to get it.

And gesture studies from the last two days:


Irregularlies #120

Yesterday I did some painting practice in photoshop, but again nothing interesting to show you.

Today, page 6 with dialogue:


Page 5

And the roughs for page 7: