Irregularlies #131

Today's upload is a little bit creepy.

I always had trouble drawing people's torsos while they are having sex. For some reason I can never align them right. So I thought of an exercice that could help me with it. I call it "Sexy tubes":

If you draw a flattened tube, divide it in two, and then divide the lower half in two, you will get a very simplified human torso that is easy to draw even if it's bent or twisted. I tried looking at photos of people fucking and replicating the positions of their torso's with my new inventions. Ended up looking hella creepy, but the exercice works. I feel that I learned some stuff. 


  1. Will you be fixing the grammatical errors on [page7,panel(3-4)] of the Booth-Comic?

    1. http://uppix.net/1/6/0/1af4388956de88997d77f152ff09e.jpg

      I fixed it, only too 500 hours in paint...but since I'm coloring the comic, I'm also fixing the rare grammar issues (and adding freckles to Freckles in places where she lost em *cough page 4 cough* though I only fixed this with the coloring process...so you'll have a non-contiguous fixed page here: http://uppix.net/6/b/3/48fa91381a6b1732ef5d9d898c5f6.jpg).

    2. Thanks for changing and fixing the sentences :)
      (The problem wasn't that I couldn't fix them myself, but that I wanted the original to be perfect. I've got a minor self-diagnosed case of OCD :P)

      So... This comic will be colored and posted here at a later date, any idea how long it will take you to color it? Can't wait to see the result :D

    3. That's hard to say, I have both a full and part time job...and am also in college...but if I knuckle under and focus I can do a page a day on the weekends. Incidentally, here's another page; http://uppix.net/c/7/1/14bc9215a2aca782a631b0b711df8.jpg I'll try to do these faster (6 and 7, then back up to 1 thru 3).

    4. Take your time :) Wouldn't want you getting exhausted and making errors, both on the coloring, and in school.

      Do you make a profit on the coloring? (If so, how much?)

    5. Ha, not really. I haven't gotten money for art, ever. The closest thing would be privately commissioned design work, I do art because I enjoy it, not for the money (I've got art assets on wiki's, indie movies, even an industry video game). There's also the matter of trying to keep this side of my artistic endeavors separate from the other stuff (like my design work and other stuff). Then again, I'm a risk taker...I'm sure somebody will get inquisitive and connect the dots eventually...in other news have another colored page: http://uppix.net/6/8/0/a735af3be4c4d2f6c8dc17b8cf64f.jpg trying to cheat and cut corners with this a little bit...seems as though I can do more than thought, time to start on page 7.

    6. Is coloring Futas on the internet really a career-demolisher?
      Didn't think anyone cared about it that much;; also, most men like shemales and stuff, at least according to recent browser/site -data...

      If only people weren't so shy about sexuality :(

    7. I know artists that do basically anything to make money, and a few of them admit it's hard to be taken seriously when their portfolio is filled with delicious smut. I suppose I could say "I'm trying to attract a large and diverse fanbase." But it's not so much about being shy about it, rather I think being scared about the fallout is my problem. Despite living in a very progessive part of America, I seem to be mostly surrounded by hyper-religious types, rednecks, biggots, etc. I could foresee being completely alienated by almost everybody I know (unfortunately most of my circles of friends...and especially family, are very shallow).

      But again, as previously stated, I'm a risk taker, the only separation between my face life (my career and public works) and my alt life (this stuff and other things) is just a few names...I actually think I make references between the two quite often (thank goodness the internet is so vast).

      Though I am interested in this study about browser results being a telling insight to male sexuality, I had figured that secretly all men should find this stuff arousing.

    8. Yeah, that does sound like the crowd who wouldn't be particularily positive about ''unorthodox pornography''

      I found this vid on futanariobsession here the other day. I figured I'd watch just a bit, but ended up watching the whole thing. Was actually quite interesting. Maybe you'd want to check it out too?
      [ http://futanariobsession.com/erotical-illusions-two-scientists-study-why-straight-men-love-shemale-porn-50-min-youtube-video/ ]

    9. That's pretty cool, I always felt pretty normal about this stuff...but I'm quite disturbed by the female interest in the whole tender male thingy...not for the unrealistic portrayal of men, but my actual writings I do for novellas and short stories mirrors that which would appeal to the female audience. But the difference being that I write strong female characters (shockingly based on tomboys and actual males in my life), and I put the characters into passionate / emotional relationship...I wonder if I could spark a female fanbase interest in lesbianism like they have an interest in male homosexual relationships...*evil plotting*

    10. Make sure to link me some of your stuff :P

    11. Alas, I am not ready to break that barrier between my grand master plan and this world...I can however link you to some oldish 3D futa stuff I did out of boredom. I've only really just started trying to break into this realm of things, long way to go before I consider myself good at anything, but here's the link none-the-less:

      As the great chef Helmut Spargle would say; "It is...acceptable."

      Though as a teaser of sorts, I think I'll have to find some place to post a few short erotica stories soon...2 will be companion pieces to the current works Incase it doing for me. 2 or 3 more will be related to future things (That's right Mr. Incase...I'm willing to pay your bills for a bit).

    12. I'm having trouble enjoying 3D-porn because I think it looks too much like plastic, and because it's so much harder to make a 3D-model express ''feelings and stuff''(can't really see the difference between an orgasm and happiness.).

      3D needs more details... But it's time-consuming and ppl usually only focus on the porn, and not the art, dat makes me sad :(

      I liked the size on your images though, the larger the better.

      How long have you been doing 3D stuff?

    13. Oh wow, I think I've been mucking around with the 3D medium for about 8 years. I've got a background in mechanical/technical design, only started working with humanoid figures in the last couple years. I admit it's a hard medium to use and produce quality stuff, and with models I work on are very detail oriented, the ones used for those pictures are borrowed...and used in a fixed program *more complaints*.

    14. Is it difficult making pics in that program, or is it like PrintScreening the Mod-Version of Sims? :P

    15. Generally it's fairly easy, lighting, collision errors, and rendering limitations are the biggest draw backs. Nothing a bit of post processing can't fix though.

  2. Jay Cite :Unknowncite:September 17, 2012 at 3:43 AM

    Hey man, I've been following your blog for a couple of months now. And I've learned a lot. if you are ever free to talk on skype or some sort of messenger let me know. I've got a few questions in regards to style/ technique.