September Challenge #3


This story is about an older dickgirl living with a young crosdresser/trap (or a future dong lady if there's a sequel or something). First half would be her coming home from work, on a hot summer day and interrupting the dinner preparations. Second part would be him in makeup and some sort of a sexy outfit most likely involving some kind of a skirt, stockings etc, going to town on each other.

This one bugs me. On one hand I really like how his body came out. But on the other their faces, and her pose are really not what I wanted them to be. If I had more time with this one I would fix them but such is life in the challenge zone! No time!

I just realised this: a couple of days ago I made a rant about how I should take more time when sketching and not rushing into drawings, and now I am doing exactly that. What the hell.

Anyway it's 11pm here and I have a Torchlight 2 game to continue. Peace out.


  1. that guy, with tits, would make an excellent future piece. I shall await the sequel patiently

  2. Oh Yes! Definitely a story I would read! Must see more of this one!

  3. Hhhnnnnngghhhhh, if you don't write about this I might have too...

    1. I am 95% sure that this will be the next comic I will do semi-daily. :)

    2. :o I love you so much. If there's anything I could do to help make this happen, let me know.

  4. How about Hermione/Padmé/Subject Zero with a titanic dick? Surrounded by a pool (epic sized even compared to the dick) of cum?

    Totally not a request:)

  5. how about the Titanic with Hermione/Padmé/subject zero pool surrounded by dicks ?

    agree with bebop jet , very hot .

    the M(wd)ILF is just awesome , and a robot hand ! that is so sex !

  6. A lovely concept just dream about comic with those characters. Hmm i have idea for thier names if its necessery ;]