Commission: Naga Blowjerb

Taking a break from the blog for a bit. I'll be back in a couple of days.


  1. The blue one was too intense.

    I liked the red one the most.

  2. since HF is so fucked up I can't even comment i'd just have to say good stuff but would of changed the male or shemale~ coloring if the naga chic is changing color.

  3. Multiple cocks on the Nagas
    Multiple cocks shooting their tasty-sticky
    The poor Nagas speared with cocks
    The hot Nagas smeared with Jizz
    There's a red one and a green one
    And a Blue one and a yellow one
    Pretty Nagas bathed in cum
    Multiple cocks cumming again.

    Sorry. The 'little boxes' song popped into my head and I had to give it a go. :3
    Lovely work as always!

  4. Obligatory: *gangsta voice* Naga please!

    That's all I could think of, great work as always. Hopefully when you say you're taking a break from the blog, that means you're getting yourself sone R&R.

  5. Haha damn nerd-porn comments, y u so funny?