Irregularlies #129

Back to work! 

Boobie and expressions practice:

They are a combination of drawing from imagination and looking at other artists works to see how they do it. ShindoL for expressions and Oda Non for beewbies.

I'll probably do more of these, as well as some butt n dick ones. I've realised that I've been missing a part of the learning process. It is not enough to do studies of something, you also have to figure out how to draw it from imagination in an appealing way. Knowing how to draw "an ass" is good but it's better to know how to draw "dat ass"  ;)


  1. *Homer Simpson voice* Mmmmmm...boobies *drooling*

    Yes, working with your imagination is one of the most powerful artistic experiences.

    1. I ... maaaagiiii .... naaaaaaatiooooooooon.♫♪♫♪
      I magi naaaaaaaaatiooon.♪♫♪♫

  2. The expressions look great, and I love the various breasts, especially the ones hanging just bellow the shirt.

  3. Facial Expressions. . . facial expressions. . . blowjob. . . aroused facial expressions. . .

    Was amusing to me.

  4. ok it's just another feeling ,but , sometimes i see flat face on yours draws... this is a slight exaggeration to say that, but sometimes it bothers me a little .

    it shows especially on the face seen in profile but also in a few of the faces of this sketch, the last for example, and the two above this one, maybe or maybe not.

    extrem nice expressions and boobies by the way .

  5. Wow those are some big boobs. Good to see them not drawn like hot air balloons though lol.

    Blah, I need to find a new job so I can commission you again. You have improved a lot since my fist one and that one was already great.

  6. Yes yes yes i love the way u think u sir r fucking awesome at this

  7. ShindoL's expressions are what makes his art, couldn't have chosen a better artist to look to for reference on that front.