[shilling intensifies]

I added a flattr buttons to this blag. I have only a vague idea of how it works. I guess you can pay me money for being super cool. 

I'll write something more about after new years.


"Surprise: comic #8

There you go. This week's comic is shorter because christmass.

Also no stream today. Feeling burned out after finishing "my debut"



For the last couple of months I've been focusing on the looser and more gestural side of figure drawing. I need to get back to studying anatomy properly.

-Gesture warmup
-Sum more figure drawing 
-Shit attempts at studying anatomy books. Eeeh it's so boring. Bridgman and Bammes.



The holidays are finally over. Time to get back to work

-Quick gesture warmup
-Figure drawing focusing on form
-Cross sections. Fun stuff

I noticed that my figures are lacking depth. Time to work on that.


PrismGirls update #2

Shilling intensifies!

Here's what I've been working on for PG lately. 

"My Debut"

20 page story about two lovely ladies getting in on a fancy orgy. And yes I meant ladies! No dicks on these two.

Page 10 was just uploaded to PrismGirls. The rest should be up within the next two weeks. If you want to subscribe to PrismGirls please use this banner and choose verotel as a payment method. I get a cut this way.

After I am done with this comic, I'll be back to doing commissions for a while. I think I'll be alternating between periods of commission work and comics for PG. Either way I'll be also working on a free weekly comic.

"Surprise" comic #7

Trying a different approach to comics. I'll do one page every week. How long the page is depends on how much time I had.



beep boop

Warmups from the last couple of days




Some sexy lingerie studies. I need to do more. I've drawn girls (ahem) in sexy lingerie since forever but I really never studied that. Aside from stockings, which are the easiest things to draw, my lingerie is kinda shitty. 



Warmups from the last two days

Boning up on vaginas. 




And some head/skull studies. Lately, almost every one of my art problems has been resolved by going looser and more gestural. So today, after some very simple skull studies I tried doing some loose head studies... I should start drawing cheeks on my characters. Bitches love cheeks.



I didn't have a lot of time to draw this morning.

Just the warmup today.

Brown trap thing



Taking it easy today. I feel the last couple of days are getting to me. Drawing a comic is hard.

After a quick 60/30 second warmup figures I tried studying some figures in motion. That's a lot of fun. I need to do more of these. 



Looks like I am doing daily studies again!

Gesture warmup


Hands have been giving me a lot of trouble since I started drawing comics full time. I need to work on them. This time I am trying to focus more on the gesture and feel rather than anatomy. Let's see how it works out

Looks like blogspot is darkening my jpg's for some reason. What the hell. 


Study Dump #3

This is one weak ass dump!

Working on the PG comics left me with not enough time to do studies properly. I got really rusty because of that. These last few days were all about me trying to get my skills back.

I think I need to get back to posting these daily. Every time I decide to do otherwise I stop studying.


Getting started



What's been happening.

As you probably have already noticed, I haven't been uploading as much content as I usually do in the last month or so. I thought I'll make a post explaining what's happeninig.

I've been working full time on comics for PrismGirls.com. My initial plan was to work on that stuff most of the time, but still do a quickie, or a comic page at least once a week, but that didn't work out. Due to poor planning on my part I found myself with too much work to spend any time on free stuff. At least untill mid december I won't be able to do anything else than working on PG comics.

Which is really not how I wanted to go about joining a paysite. I never want to stop working on free stuff. I love sharing the porn I draw. Posting something new I drew on HF, and watching people's reactions is something I still truly enjoy, and I never want to give that up.

Also, let's be frank. Giving away free shit is great for business. If I shut myself off on a paysite my fanbase stops growing. Or even worse, it shrinks. Since drawing porn is how I make my living it would be insanely stupid of me to stop creating free content. So you guys never have to worry about me pulling a Dmitrys :*

I'll figure out how to do it in the future.


It's a paysite that focuses on well drawn porn comics. At first it was supposed to be all about porn parodies of movies, cartoons comics etc. but that proved to be a huge pain in the ass to do legaly so now it also features original content. So if you subscribe you get a new page of a comic 5 days a week. Sometimes it will be a comic drawn by your favourite artist InCase :*

For me it's pretty much the only way to draw longer, more involved comics right now. It might sound greedy, but I just can't draw longer comics without being paid for it. Comics are fucking hard work and I just don't have the energy to work on something longer than 5 pages without taking long breaks, or dropping the quality. Not to mention I don't have time for it. If I am working full time on commissions it's really hard to find time and energy to sink into working on a comic.

And I really want to make full sized comics for a living. That's pretty much why I started drawing in the first place. Well maybe my dream wasn't to draw porn, BUT STILL. What I am doing right now is pretty close! Drawing commissions is a great job, but ultimately I am working on ideas I have often very little input on. 


Right now I am preparing for a longer black and white comic I'll be drawing in december, but I really don't have anything o show for it right now. More on that in the near future. So far I drew two shorter comics for PrismGirls.

1.Futa on Female parody of Adventure Time. Totally not bubblegum is fucked by most certanly not Marceline with a dick. 7 pages

2.Futa on Male OC about a trap summoning a futa demon to fuck him. Fun stuff. 9 pages.

I am not sure how to promote them. I thought about uplading these two pages to HF but I dislike these sort of teasers. Only being able to see the first page is a pain in the ass. Another way to promote the comics is to upload single panels from the as if they were stand alone illustrations. Like here: 

That title is so dumb. Oh fuck.

Anyway, let me know what do you think about both kinds of promotions. I am really new to having to actively promote myself. It makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason. I'd be happy to hear your opinions on this. 

Almost forgot!
If you want to subscribe to PrismGirls use this banner. That way I get some extra money.Use Verotel to pay.


Study dump #2

Lazy week. Red ones from imagination, black from photos. 
I tried constructing the body differently. Focusing more on gesture and feel of the form, than the geometric shapes. Fun times. 



Study dump #1

I think I prefer dumping a number of studies once in a while instead of doing it daily. 

This dump includes:
-Layendecker studies of fancy suits
-A lot of 2min figure drawings
-Ignacio Noe hands