Korra sucks

Oh my this is awkward. I started drawing this one before I got requests to draw moar Korra. So don't think I am doing requests now. No time.

Anyway, I wanted to try out a couple of new things. 


Blog question

Lately I've been posting a lot of stuff that is interesting and important to me but not necessarily to you. I've been wondering, what sort of stuff would you like me to post more?

Dailies #73



Dailies #72

We are slowly, but surely approaching the action!

Commision: Adiane x Olivier

Another futa on female commision! 


Dailies #71

Another damn head. But this time it's in colour!

Most of the heavy lifting on this one is done. All that is left is shitload of rendering to make it look good.

And an update on my speclai FUNFUN activities: I've been going through blender tutourials. I want to try doing some low poly modeling for fun. Fuuun


Dailies #70

Two more panels lawl

I need to practice drawing heads from profile. Also that bulge is pretty awkward looking. Need to fix that


Dailies #69

Purdy gurl headzss-sys

Facial planess-s, construction methodss-ss, expressionss-s-sss-ssssys

Thanks for your comments on yesterday's blog! I will take time to answer each one individually later. For now I have to say this:


Dailies #68

Only comic today. 

Roughs are complete. Time for final lines!

Why only the comic?


Dailies #67

More self improvement

And this. I guess saying that I will draw a panel each day was not realistic. Eh.
Second page is still in the rough sketch phase. It is more complex than the first one after all.


Commision: LoL futa #1

LOL indeed

Dailies #66

Moar arms:
Again, no value study today. I feel fine and I really wanted to do it but I don't have time today. Eh

Also this thing:

A wild cawk appears!


Dailies #66

No studies today. I feel like shit.

But this one I had to do:

I always feel like an idiot while I am writing any kind of dialogue. Especially silly porn dialogue.


Dailies #65

Slow day. Started on 50/100 arms. 

And of course:

Looks like I'll finish this page tommorow. Stuff to do:
-Draw the first panel properly.
-Add dialogue
-Add some tones here and there


Dailies #64

Shiggy diggy

Also I've started drawing a sketch comic.
It's about a dickgirl who has her dick sucked by a lady sticking out of a wall.

This page is not even half way done, but that's all I could do for today. A little explanation:


Dailies #63

Ugh. Dis bitch again

I am so done with her:

And another contour study.


Dailies #62

This blog is going to get really unsexy for a while. I've gotten a major hardon for life studies.

Still not done damn it

A contour study

Or maybe a future value study. We'll see.


Dailies #61

Holy fucking shitballs the feet/shoes are done!

Clown shoes! The sexiest shoes of them all!

100 feet/shoes:

Also I've started another one of these. I am halfway through I guess.


Dailies #60

4 more shoes to go! I am so sick of this you can not imagine!

Also I've finished this. I like how it turned out. 

I lost steam before finishing the face feet and hands. Fuck digits.


Dailies #59

No shoes today. Only values



Dailies #58

Moar shoes. Couldn't find a lot of good sneakers pictures so I just went with whatever I found. 

Damn, ballet shoes are sexy. I did not even know that I have a thing for them.

Also I did an hour long value study. Meh:


Dailies #57

Feeling lazy today. 

Enough with the heels. I have them covered for now. Gonna do some sneakers tommorow


Dailies #56

I screwed up the numbering. Dang.

I am getting comfortable with dem heels.

Commision: Anal Kitty



Dailies #55

More shoes! Looks like my daily limit for drawing shoes is 9

I think I figured out how to construct them heels properly. But it's still hard at certain angles, especially if they are up in the air. Well, nobody said this shit would be easy.

I'll do more closed toed shoes tommorow. I'll have to figure out how to shape that pointy front properly. Ugh.


Dailies #54

Shooes. Blargh.

I think I've made some good progress in understanding shoes today, but I am still having hard time figuring out a good construction for the heel/foot/sole angle. It's really easy to mess up.


Dailies #53

I don't know what the fuck I was aiming for with this one. Blegh

After I am done with 50 shoes I am going for hands and arms. They are my biggest problem right now.

Aw shit! I just noticed how badly her right boob is placed. It's trying to run away from her chest! No right boobs! Stop!


Dailies #52

I forgot that I wanted to take a break before I promised you a sexy girl with feet. 

Let me make it up to you ;)

Commision: Succubutt

Aand another one!


Dailies #51

F-F-Fifty feet!

I think that "Draw 50" is a better exercice for me. I don't have the patience to draw a 100 of anything in a row. I don't know how I managed to draw 100 torsos. I remember great suffering in the latter half.

Anyway, tommorow I'll start working on shoes... Or I'll draw a sexy lady showing of her feet. We'll see. 


Dailies #50

Moar fet

I am starting to get comfortable with drawing them. Good.


Dailies #49

Suck on these perverts

I think I'll do 50 feet and then 50 shoes. Either way tommorow I'll focus on more challenging angles.


Dailies #48


I got an urge to do a quick still life study. I know you guys probably don't come here to see photos of garlic, but I have to do this shit to get better at rendering boobs.