Dailies #69

Purdy gurl headzss-sys

Facial planess-s, construction methodss-ss, expressionss-s-sss-ssssys

Thanks for your comments on yesterday's blog! I will take time to answer each one individually later. For now I have to say this:

Yesterday I took a day off from drawing commisions. I had to think what to do about my problem. Between screwing around, trying out new drawing applications (I am pretty sure I will ink in Paint Tool SAI from now on), and reading your comments I came to a conclusion:

I need more variety in my drawing. That's one thing almost all of your comments had in common and I agree. Somewhere along the line I became so obsessed with getting better at drawing porn that I stopped drawing anything else. At one hand it's not all that bad. I am getting better at drawing sexy humanoids at a pretty stable peace, but on the other hand I feel that if I keep this up I will eventually burn myself out. I don't want that. I want to draw porn for a long, long time :). So I decided to give myself some time each day (or whenever I feel like it. No pressure) to screw around, and just have fun with creating something different than usuall. I almost forgot what sort of weird, silly shit I was into drawing a couple of years ago. Time to remember. 

I started out with these guys. Before I could actually draw human beings I drew comics with these silly little guys that I am pretty sure I ripped off from somewhere. I took an hour yesterday to draw them again, saying horrible things. Some serious FUN was had.

Even as I was drawing them I could feel my mind resetting itself. I am still a little sick of drawing people but not as much as yesterday. Good feeling. 

I will also start varying my study subjects more. Drawing studies of 100 feet over a week may be great for my skills but it also kills my mind and turns my sould to ash. Gotta watch that.

Thanks, again for your comments!


  1. I can always use more reaction images.

  2. I think this is good for the blog as well, I was getting a little bored of all the formal drawing of hands and legs and so on (not that I'm complaining or ever would, it's your blog to do whatever you want with) and those fun comic-y sketches are way more interesting to look at (I literally laughed out loud at the "niggers" one). keep it up, I'm starting to get into the habit of checking this blog every day, it's really interesting to see the process like this rather than just the end product.

  3. *Darth Vader voice*
    Those block peoples...a presence I haven't felt since...*breath*