Dailies #67

More self improvement

And this. I guess saying that I will draw a panel each day was not realistic. Eh.
Second page is still in the rough sketch phase. It is more complex than the first one after all.


  1. Do you think you will ever color that Korra sketch you did? :)

    Sorry for being so off topic.

    1. no need color , color is for lack of imagination , you want a blonde girl , so she is. You prefer redhead ? Not a problem ...

      just enjoy , as much as the big Bøøbs "gipsy" girl (yeah she's gipsy for me) of the current story :)

      it s just a sketch but thats definitly a greedy one..

      wait a min, does she also bite her lip ?!! Awesome !

  2. Comic, panel 1: It ain't gonna suck itself

  3. Good luck with the comic, can't wait to see when its done. I'll transfer my motivation to you, well, what's left of it anyway!

    Also with the 'draw 100 of X object', are you seeing a huge improvement in the things you draw yet? like ways of drawing certain things faster, better etc?

    - Riza

    1. Thanks ;)

      Yeah I see a lot of improvement even before I am finished with the exercice. Discovering that exercice was one of the best things that happened to my drawing skills :)