Dailies #29

My brain did not want to learn anything new today. Imagination drawing time!

Oh Korra you so fine.

I will most likely colour this one but I want to do a couple of brown skin studies before that. 

Yup my torso anatomy definitely improved. Feels a lot easier to draw this area now but now other parts are bugging me by comparison. After I finish the current 100 I will most likely start another one focused on legs and feet. I am not a foot fetishist (although I am slowly beggining to appreciate them ;)) so I never really tried working on the feet anatomy. Gotta fix that.


Dailies #28

Damn, it's hard to find pictures of naked muscular girls that don't look like fucking trainwrecks. I had to sneak in some regular girls to reach 50

I did a couple of quick colour/tone studies. I need to do a lot more of these. Anatomically correct sketch is meaningless if you later can't shade it properly.


Whooo. Half way there! I can feel the delicious knowledge sinking in!

Tommorow I'll probably focus on huge breasts. I have trouble making them look realistic. Need to adress that!


Dailies #27

Blargh. I don't like her face.

Wanted to try sketching something from imagination after all these studies, and it kinda got away from me. I will resume the 'draw 100' tommorow


Dailies #26

Today's haul! Done over 1,5 hour. I also included the elusive #9 that was missing from the last batch. Thanks for the kind anon for pointing that out.

Today I focused on poses that usually give me hard time. Mostly when hips and legs hide the torso or when there's some sort of foreshortening. Basically every time when you can't easily measure the proportions.

38/100! Almost half way there.

Tommorow I think I'll work off some muscle girls photos. Dem abs are coming!


Dailies #25

And now for something completely different!

Originally this daily drawing challange was supposed to force me to improve. And it did, for the first three weeks. I learned a lot about my sketching, composition, painting and so on. I think I improved everything BUT my anatomy. Drawing from imagination is fun but it does not teach you anything about the thing you are trying to portray. I think that's what I was missing lately. Learning about human form.

There is this great exercice called "draw a 100", and it's... well... about drawing a 100 quick studies of the thing you have trouble with. I thought I'd do female torso for starters. Need to work on the basics.

Here's the first 25. Each one took 5-10 minutes to do:

I had a lot of fun doing these and I alredy feel that I've learned a lot. Even though I am only 1/4 there. I'll try to focus on more challenging poses in the next 25.

I think I'll focus on finishnig this exercice in the next couple of days. After that, who knows.

Ps. I got the idea to do this exercice from this awesome site: 

If you are interested in learning how to draw check it out. It's full of well made educational videos.


Dailies #24

I am so fucking art blocked it's not even funny. Can't draw shit.

I feel stuck with my skill level. I should focus more on learning anatomy/perspective/clothing instead of drawing whatever day after day. I know I am slowly getting better and that these things take time, but I also feel that I could get there faster if I focused more. Eh.


Dailies #22

100th blog post. Huzzah!

Too bad I don't like it.

<3 Asuka

I wanted to do a non pornographic Asuka fanart. Turned out quite shitty in my humble opinion. Pfffrt. Although I had fun drawing it. It's been a long time since I tried drawing something that was not supposed to be sexy. So counter intuitive.

I think I'll keep this week clean. Only softcore and regular stuff.

Oh yeah, I also decided not to colour that mong sketch. I don't like it.


Error 37

I've been playing Diablo 3 open beta. I love playing female monk. She's so fucking cute. When I saw that Monk's spirit guage looks basically like a ball of spunk and I heard her saying "AH NEED MOR SPYRYT" I fell in love. I had this stupid Idea that she's just a sex maniac that runs around kicking demons faces in and sucs their dicks... For greater good.

Imma colour this tommorow. After that we're back on thack with dailies.

I hate her hands. They will need some work to look good.



Dailies #21

Aaand done. 


No dailies today. I am burnt out. Too much drawing without taking a break.


Dailies #19


Clean lineart prooved to be really effective.


Dailies #18


Trying out a waaay different way of cleaning up the sketch. Looks weird, almost like an inked lineart, but it should make painting a lot cleaner and easier. We'll see

Commision: Game over

What's with all the male butt penetration on this blog, huh?


Dailies #17

I can't keep calling these things sketches.


Daily sketchings #16


Damn this guy has a serious case of tinylegs. Fortunetaly that's pretty easy to fix later, so disregard it for now.


I like drawing pee on girls. But I always hesitated to do it. Not anymore!

This is not a daily sketch thingie. This is a bonus of sorts ;).


Daily sketchings #14

This week I'll be doing something different. I want to do a sequence of drawings about a rich futa lady fucking pretty boys in their bums ;). Futa on male is on my mind lately. 

This one is a warm up of sorts. I wanted to get her look down before jumping into anything more complex:

Tommorow I'll most likely paint this one instead of drawing another one. Same with the next draings in the sequence.


"Senastional!" progress video part 1

What the title says!

The rest once my vimeo weekly upload limit restes -_-


Daily sketchings #13

I really didn't feel like drawing today so I did something really simple:

Another batgirl!


Daily sketchings #12

I am gonna be busy with some stuff tommorow so I drew this ahead of time. 


I don't really like how the lass came out, but the lighting is cool. 

Daily sketchings #11

New theme! Comic book chicks and incest! Huehue


Daily sketchings #10

Let's begin week #3! This one will be DC chicks themed.