Dailies #26

Today's haul! Done over 1,5 hour. I also included the elusive #9 that was missing from the last batch. Thanks for the kind anon for pointing that out.

Today I focused on poses that usually give me hard time. Mostly when hips and legs hide the torso or when there's some sort of foreshortening. Basically every time when you can't easily measure the proportions.

38/100! Almost half way there.

Tommorow I think I'll work off some muscle girls photos. Dem abs are coming!


  1. Will you be drawing a 100 cocks as well ?

  2. grr so freaking impressive, cant say ive ever been great at sketching but i'm just TERRIBLE at it on a tablet. Also you said something about not being thrilled with your progress! you should be, for many reasons (and i know how slow progress can be), but first and foremost improvement tends to come slower the better you are, so i must say your progress is impressive