I like drawing pee on girls. But I always hesitated to do it. Not anymore!

This is not a daily sketch thingie. This is a bonus of sorts ;).

-I wanted to try using a softer brush while painting so I went back to this sketch. Turns out soft brushes are pretty cool but very rough sketches suck ass. Painting this one was a major pain in the ass. Refining the lines before painting is a must for me.
-I made the guys black. So what. Wanna fight about it?
-I saw this sketch reposted in a couple of places. One guy even tried colouring it. Gratz to him, seeing that motivated me to finish this one.... I hope you like black cawk, colour guy. ;)


  1. Hopefully more Korra with those abs is in our future?

  2. yes yes...i LOVE peeing girls...i dont know why people dont like it...jajaja is the nasty thing that guys do it over a REAL bitch yes or not ?? i love when bitch make scat too....so so nasty

    1. Then we should definately fuk;-)

    2. Hey, if you're willing to fuck, I'm all yours. :P

  3. Damn, that's hot. Excellent work. I love how you made her hair messier in the pee-version.
    Wouldn't mind seeing her splattered with cum as another alternate version, though. <_<

  4. "-I made the guys black. So what. Wanna fight about it?"

    Oh Lordy, I loled hard at this line!