Daily sketchings #13

I really didn't feel like drawing today so I did something really simple:

Another batgirl!

-I should have drawn a hand jerking the dick off. Would make more sense.
-Trying out a different way to paint cum. I think it's good but it needs refining.
-I like the colours in this one. I'll definitely keep colouring these things.
-Week #3 is finished! In case you were wondering, She-Hulk wins the pool by one vote. Mine.


  1. My favorite Batgirl!

    Poor guy must have suffered spontaneous ejaculation due to her awesomeness.

  2. I really like the slender arms and neck, but I gotta ask, how does she breathe or see?

  3. I love this Batgirl! Btw I have been e-mailing you for a while! I wanted to commission some stuff with this character and also the other Batgirl! Please write me back, thanks!

  4. You do breathplay pics now ?! I will throw my creditcards at you if you do more of this <3 !

  5. OH EM GEE.
    This Batgirl, you have just made my day.
    Cassandra Cain..Hnnng..best picture of her for erotic purposes ever. Please do more!