Dailies #25

And now for something completely different!

Originally this daily drawing challange was supposed to force me to improve. And it did, for the first three weeks. I learned a lot about my sketching, composition, painting and so on. I think I improved everything BUT my anatomy. Drawing from imagination is fun but it does not teach you anything about the thing you are trying to portray. I think that's what I was missing lately. Learning about human form.

There is this great exercice called "draw a 100", and it's... well... about drawing a 100 quick studies of the thing you have trouble with. I thought I'd do female torso for starters. Need to work on the basics.

Here's the first 25. Each one took 5-10 minutes to do:

I had a lot of fun doing these and I alredy feel that I've learned a lot. Even though I am only 1/4 there. I'll try to focus on more challenging poses in the next 25.

I think I'll focus on finishnig this exercice in the next couple of days. After that, who knows.

Ps. I got the idea to do this exercice from this awesome site: 

If you are interested in learning how to draw check it out. It's full of well made educational videos.


  1. Very nice. I can deffinatley see the progression from your earlier sketches. Nice job!

  2. You're absolutely incredible. I check this site every day, and I'm always absolutely thrilled by the things you draw. Keep going strong, and keep going hard. You'll get to where you want to be in no time.

  3. I see many good things coming from you soon.