Daily sketchings #16


Damn this guy has a serious case of tinylegs. Fortunetaly that's pretty easy to fix later, so disregard it for now.
-Looks decent, but I worry about proportions. I've been sketching really fast lately, and that's cool but it sometimes makes me miss obvious problems. Gotta watch for that.
-This one took 1,5h-2h to do. My goal for tommorow is to paint it in the same amount of time and going for higher quality than the previous picture in the story.
-Her torso and head are arranged almost exactly like in the previous pic. Pisses me off. I feel that I do that a lot. Staying with safe angles and poses. Another thing to watch out for. 


  1. Awesome! Love the look on the guy's face. That's the face of dedication.

  2. I hope we'll see her cumming on his face! Also, you MUST make another solo picture of her where she masturbates and cums every-fucking-where. Especially her own face.