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I've been playing Diablo 3 open beta. I love playing female monk. She's so fucking cute. When I saw that Monk's spirit guage looks basically like a ball of spunk and I heard her saying "AH NEED MOR SPYRYT" I fell in love. I had this stupid Idea that she's just a sex maniac that runs around kicking demons faces in and sucs their dicks... For greater good.

Imma colour this tommorow. After that we're back on thack with dailies.

I hate her hands. They will need some work to look good.


  1. I now know who I want to play in that game.

  2. I approve of this interpetation of the character!

    Now do the barbarian chick :T

  3. urzekł cię ten niemiecki akcent ;]?

  4. Love the character, man you got me thinking. Draw her with a big dick....thats her weapon...