Dailies #93

Today I worked on some basics: drawing spherical forms:


Dailies #92

I did not like how the last panel looked so I changed it. Wee imporovised comic.

I thought I should start linking up the previous pages. Nobody wants to search through pages of untagged blogposts to find them.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3


Dailies #91

Trying to figure out how to construct heads at weird angles. 

Some of them are wonky as fuck but I learned a lot today. Next time I'll try to figure out how to draw an open mouth at different angles. I have some problems with that.


Dailies #90

Took a break. Now it's over. Back to work.

Roughs for the next page. Bleigh. Tried going back to more standard page dimensions and a simplier layout. We'll see how it works out.


Commision: The queen's young lover

Dailies #89

Tried to use the same shading style as yesterday to do some muscles. Turned out to be kind of a mess.Oh well.

Doesn't help that the drawing is boring as fuck. 

Oh and she's making that face because she saw your awfull penis. 


Dailies #88

Text! Whooo

Also this: 

I am sick of my coloring style so I tried something different. Basically I ripped off Ishikei. Damn I like how it looks. I won't straight up start colouring like this but I definitely will apply some stuff I learned today to my usuall style.

Also I tried drawing a younger face than usuall. I might have overdone it. Eeehehe


Dailies #87


Another muscle practice. Some areas still look wonky but overall I am happy with my progress these past two weeks.

Also this. Teehee dong.


Dailies #86

Oh, there's also this thing!

I don't like how this comic is looking so far. Bleh. 3 more pages to go!


Commision: Again with the tentacles!

Can't rape the willing!

Dailies #85

I did some serious private learnings today. So no studies for you.

Have some more Adventure Time sketchings.

I pulled the German from google translator so I have no idea if it's right.


Dailies #84

I've worked on hand anatomy today, but not in a way that's interesting to post here. I just drew along with a video of a Vilppu hand anatomy demonstration. Not interested in showing that.

But I did some more Adventure Time head sketches before going to bed yesterday:


Adventure taem!

Hi there! I haven't done much these past few days. I've learned some stuff with Vilppu and worked on commisions but not a lot. Not having to do something for this blog each morning fucks me up. Never underestimate the power of a routine. Dailies resume tommorow!

What I've been doing instead of drawing, was watching Adventure Time. Holy fucking shitballs what an awesome show! I enjoyed every minute of it, and I am currently rewatching the first season. I love it to death. 

I tried figuring out how the (female) characters would look in my style. There is so much room for interpretation!

Hehe, Susan is a big dope in a goofy hat.



Guess what I started watching.





Might as well call these dailies

Good thing about learning anatomy, is that you have a perfect excuse to draw muscly ladies. Not that you need one.

Anyway, here's an upper torso muscle practice. Also Korra.

I like this style. SAI lines go well with flat colours.


Oh well

I could not take a break to save my life.

Notice how the cloth sucks balls. I've gotta work on that.

Drawn in Paint Tool SAI. Awesome for sketching and inking. I hate the watercolour tho.

Taking a break!

I've just discovered Vilppu and I don't have enough time to do this blog, take care of commisions and work through his videos. Sooo, I am going to drop the blog for a couple of days. Does not mean I will not be posting anything. Just that I can't promise something every day.


Dailies #83

I've realised I am starting to forget how to construct torsos and hips so I did a quick review today. A lot of shitty studies ahead:


Dailies #82

Doop de doop

Trying to make her look like the same person in all of the frames. It's not exactly there yet, but should be enough.


Dailies #81


I think I will stick with this study subject for now.


I've changed the blog layout a bit. Now the image thumbnails can be bigger. Weee.



Dailies #78

Not feeling it today, so I did something easy. Quick environment studies. Gotta start learning this shit.


Dailies #77

Sorry for no post yesterday. My internet went down yet again. Also I did not feel like doing any studies so I put more work into the comic. 

Page 2 finished.

I really should write the dialogue in advance. I am improvising this comic.

I've also started working on the third page:

As you can see I am trying out a different format. I think I prefer arranging the page horizontally. Seems more natural for a digital comic. Works better with monitors.

And I've done really rough sketches for the next two pages. I am more or less happy with them, but I will most likely change some things, before finishing them up.

Yeah this comic will end in a facial :3

I need to do some hand studies. They are giving me hard time right now.


Dailies #76

Blargh, still need to add the text. 



Dailies #74

Back to the grind!

Damn drawing comics is hard. 


Peevatar 2: The pissening

Since a couple of you asked.

I also changed her jaw a little bit. It was bugging me. Not touching that tongue tho. I like it this way. Deal with it B)

Commision: LoL futa part 2