Dailies #82

Doop de doop

Trying to make her look like the same person in all of the frames. It's not exactly there yet, but should be enough.


  1. She looks the same to me. =)

    1. Same for me ^^ good job .... but
      If I can afford a small intervention, isn't the layout a bit too heavy? with an action and then the face of the futa, then another action etc. ..

      It's just an idea but would not it be better to put the small boxes with the futa's face on top, and merge them into only four boxes?
      perhaps with a gradient effect at the neck or shoulders birth, to signify the different point of view.

      This could give a more dynamic reading (with only 4 actions the faces would reflect the exact timing of the action and that resolve an eventually background problem ^^)

      Or perhaps simply not using rectangular boxes (but what form to use , i dont know)

      Or I nitpick and the cutting is fine as it is.


  2. You draw the best faces, love 'em.