Dailies #77

Sorry for no post yesterday. My internet went down yet again. Also I did not feel like doing any studies so I put more work into the comic. 

Page 2 finished.

I really should write the dialogue in advance. I am improvising this comic.

I've also started working on the third page:

As you can see I am trying out a different format. I think I prefer arranging the page horizontally. Seems more natural for a digital comic. Works better with monitors.

And I've done really rough sketches for the next two pages. I am more or less happy with them, but I will most likely change some things, before finishing them up.

Yeah this comic will end in a facial :3

I need to do some hand studies. They are giving me hard time right now.


  1. "That's because when i was litt..." and? :D

  2. the four sketches (those with red) are really solid ! hope you can save the strongness in the final draw.

  3. Sweet mother if gawd, if the finished product is as good as what those rough sketches are leading on about....this is going to be made of epic and win...mixed with a cubic buttload of awesome.

    1. Also, I couldn't help but think of the...*hand motions* Aliens...meme to help conclude the "...when I was litt-" comment.

  4. Looks lovely! I can't wait to see the whole finished product. Hoping we get to see a good look at the shy dickgirl's face as she blows her load all over the slutty blowjob chick, though.

  5. Oh boy, now I want to hear about her origin story! Maybe while her cocking is being sucked?