Dailies #79

Comic comic comic


  1. Cock cock cock

  2. This is delicious cock, you must suck it!

    I don't think anybody could say no to that.

  3. At least she seems to enjoy her work. =3

    I love the faces along the bottom.

    Do you do everything digital from sketch to finish?

  4. again, second frame is so cute

  5. Great work, as usual. I just wanted to point out that her left eye in the second top panel looks like it's a little too close to her nose. She seems a bit cross-eyed.

    1. Looks ok to me. The gap between the eye and nose is hidden behind the bridge.

  6. Biff is right and wrong, the second box is actually very good (her gaze goes exactly where it should ), but what shocks is rather the difference of facial expression between the two images ... (in fact the sketch box 3 also has a different Expression)
    maybe a small angle at eye level, a slightly different placement of the nose, I can not say ...

    as I have seen some posts on your blog that was a motivation for some.
    if else want to get there and meet this kind of problem

    there are several tricks:

    • The limit of the viewing angles (the girl is always face or profile, or top view) making things easier for the drawer. (There Is No front view of the Sailorman popeye for example).
    • The enhance of some physical traits, like eyes very slanted (it's easy to differentiated round eyes, with slanted eyes, but much harder to differentiate very slanted eyes just a little slanted against)
    • use of characteristics specific physic, like a mole, a scar or freckles for example.
    - The use of color, colors can "cover the tracks" of hazardous brush stroke.
    - Although the latest technique is not a trick ... draw, draw, and redraw up to obtain the correct facial expression.

    SFME (but thx to Ggle translate)

    1. "as i have seen IN some posts on your blog , that YOUR WORK was a motivation for some." =)