Might as well call these dailies

Good thing about learning anatomy, is that you have a perfect excuse to draw muscly ladies. Not that you need one.

Anyway, here's an upper torso muscle practice. Also Korra.

I like this style. SAI lines go well with flat colours.


  1. Dunno that muscle on her right (our left) side, above her hip.

    Very nice picture. It reminds me how bad dmitrys has become.

    1. That muscle is just a nicely toned oblique, sir.

  2. I love her eyes :)

  3. Your upper studies are always the best. Superb work, once again.

  4. Dude, don't take this personally, but I think your anatomy got worse.
    1. What's that flabby thing on her hip supposed to be?
    2. Why is her torso so elongated and
    3. why do her arms look so disconnected from her body?

    I think I even know the answers to those questions:
    1. Nothing at all. Shouldn't be there. Very irritating.
    2. She's too lean. That's maybe because looking at all the anatomy made you think your women shouldn't be that buff to keep it realistic. But they should.
    3. her left shoulder accidentally fucked with her chromosomes or something. It's much too broad and male while the other one isn't. In fact it extends further from her body than her right shoulder in the 2D when it actually should be behind her shoulder.

    Again, please don't take this personally. You're the better artist anyway.

    1. Nah I can take critique if it's fair. And this one is. But it doesn't mean that I will agree with you on everything.

      1. Yeah it sucks. Meh.
      2. This one I don't agree with. Her arms are buffier than her torso, that's for sure, but that's within the realm of possibility. You might not find it sexy, but it is not wrong... I think.
      3. I agree with the screwed up placement of the shoulders, but they look good on their own ;)

    2. As a long-time lurker of your work and your blog, I feel obligated to throw in my two cents and hopefully help you in the process. I do not claim to be a great artist or to know all the intricacies of the human anatomy, but I tend to agree with our friend here, despite his crude delivery.

      1) As she is so muscular, I understand the tone you were trying to give her but I feel as if it was exaggerated a tad around the hips. I think a subtler touch would give you what you were looking for.
      2) I agree with our friend in this regard. I feel as if the torso extends downward one more segment than it should, unless her pants are just above her vagina. For me, imagining what she would look like disrobed helped me to evaluate this.
      3) The shoulders do seem quite broad but well within the confines of possible human anatomy. However, if you were going for Korra's true anatomy, they would be quite a bit narrower. Finally, her left shoulder does seem a bit too large, given her position.

      I hope this critique helps you. Again, this is just my thoughts on the matter. I wish you the best in your artistic pursuits. Keep up the good work.


  5. Fakt, coś tu jest nie tak z rękami. Zbyt masywne w stosunku do ciała, dziwnie odchylone. Pracuj dalej ;)

  6. No pit hair version!

  7. i'm not a fanatic of realistic anatomy so ... for the hips, isn't due to having low leg pants?
    what is shocking me is more that she really have too too little legs !

  8. very nice smirk Btw

    and armpit is for the fetish spirit anonymous6 ! ^^

  9. i just see what is wrong with the shoulder , its just the line above her left breast (the line who connect the breast and the biceps)
    if the line is shifted to the right (the same level as the ribs) things should return to normal.
    but for the anonymous who speaks Polish , i really don't see what is wrong with the hands.

  10. You are my favourite person today. Can't get enough. :D

  11. Everytime you post a lady with hairy pits it makes my day, you sir are awesome for doing such things. :D

  12. Left tit is seriously wonked :c

  13. "not that you need any"

    Whaaaaaaat? Amazons are the sexiest thing