Oh well

I could not take a break to save my life.

Notice how the cloth sucks balls. I've gotta work on that.

Drawn in Paint Tool SAI. Awesome for sketching and inking. I hate the watercolour tho.


  1. Looks great just one little thing. I noticed when you do knees bent like that they look a bit off. Maybe something you want to throw in your practices. The bottom part is a bit to squared off maybe or could just be my eyes.

    1. Actually looking again I think maybe it is the inside fold line extending a bit to far.

  2. The cloth actually looks pretty awesome. I love the shy look she has on her face. Her right hand looks a little awkward, though. But her body (upper body, especially) is, by far, the sexiest thing I've seen today. Artists, in general, are too hard on their own work.

  3. One of the best artists on HF and by far the most efficient, you're my fav InCase, you could take a week off and I wouldn't even have it in me to get annoyed.

  4. Needs hipster glasses for awesome hot skrillex 63 r34.