Dailies #84

I've worked on hand anatomy today, but not in a way that's interesting to post here. I just drew along with a video of a Vilppu hand anatomy demonstration. Not interested in showing that.

But I did some more Adventure Time head sketches before going to bed yesterday:

Going clockwise from the top:
1. Young flame princess. 
2. Older FP that I could actually draw doing sexy times. Less chub because because
3&4. Another attempt at Fionna. Meh. Can't do the chub properly. 
5. Marceline doing a trollface of sorts. Teehee
6. Short haired PB. Guess where all of the biomass from her hair went? ehuehue
7. PB is not amused by half of her face missing. 
8. Ice king being an old creep.

Now let's do some actuall work that people pay me for!

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