Dailies #86

Oh, there's also this thing!

I don't like how this comic is looking so far. Bleh. 3 more pages to go!


  1. But I like the futa girl! <3

  2. Nothing wrong with your characters, but maybe you should experiment with the sizes and shapes of you panels. They don't have to be the same. Check out some hentai, the paneling should give you some sort of inspiration.

    1. i know (stroke of genius!)! the Hooded gird should be on top , it s strange to see the girl face behind her own dick !

  3. phew, I was afraid you've abandoned this project, it would have been a lost.

    Now you say you're not satisfied, when you write a nowel (I guess it's the same for a comic) there are lots of thing that looks like a dead end.

    I do not know how you work so what I say is just some guess. and all I say is more reflections than assertions.

    guess one : if you do not have it already done, it might help to make sketches of the entire comic. to see where you're going

    guess two : On the contrary, if you have already done all the sketches, they can trap you and make you lose sight of your first idea.
    you are usual of oneshoots, perhaps making some drawings of scenes that you are interested in, then you try to integrate them in the comics (yes it blow out your first sketches but who cares? it is just sketches)

    guess three : what is also tricky is that the action takes place in a small room and the two characters have a limited freedom of movement, if that's what blocking you, you can make her jump out of the hole. (although idea of the hole is very interesting and should deserve to be a little used)

    making sex comics is like doing fighting comics (both are based on action)
    and the two are hard to realize, need Good sense of timing and good percetions of movements, the blowjob are, with scenes of close combat, even harder, so be cool with you, it's okay to struggle, but if you can manage that, you probably will manage almost everything more easily.

    to finish i just can say : " hey , what is strange to have lot of traps in a futa comic !?"


  4. Guuuuuuhhhhh...I think my brain melted a bit there, is it wrong that I want to suck that?

  5. You really don't like the comic? I love it, please keep going.