Dailies #88

Text! Whooo

Also this: 

I am sick of my coloring style so I tried something different. Basically I ripped off Ishikei. Damn I like how it looks. I won't straight up start colouring like this but I definitely will apply some stuff I learned today to my usuall style.

Also I tried drawing a younger face than usuall. I might have overdone it. Eeehehe


  1. I love your new style of coloring,it's simple with any fioriture it is beautiful ^^

  2. Holy fuck!!!! YOOOOO; that is off the hook, man. I dig it; don't fret about whether or not you think you "ripped" off someone (in your own head lol).

    That shit is fire, son!

  3. i love the freckles on the futa girl

  4. Ahw ! socks only ! That is SO sexy !
    the coloring is exelent but maybe just a litte , how can i say that ... it lacks a little of originality.
    but the "gray" reflection, especially on the arms in the dry scene is pretty well made.
    as the transition of her "pink" part.

  5. Dialog made it even better! Also, kudos on the new color style...a thought just occurred to me; have you considered compiling your art into a book you could sell? There must be some publisher out there that would cut you a deal.

    1. Thanks.

      I want to start selling comics and image packs through lulu or paypal once I get my skills to a satisfactionary level. But that's in the future. For now I am content with making money on commisions.

    2. Fair enough, and I would be content giving you my money for commissions.

  6. O.O
    I can't wait for page4

  7. Awesome images. I'm not sure which one I like better. The labia on the clean one is marvelous. I guess the payoff for not being able to see all of her luscious young pussy is sheer raunchiness of the huge load of cum oozing out of her. NEXT!

    BTW, who or what is "Ishikei"?

    PS. Sorry if I seem to be spamming your forum. I'm on vacation, so I've got lots of time on my hands. What better way to spend it than getting caught up with your blog? :-)

  8. Love it! draw more girls like this :3