Dailies #93

Today I worked on some basics: drawing spherical forms:

Lately I've noticed that no matter how much anatomy I learn, I still have a lot of trouble drawing the figure properly. Some of it is just lack of experience, but I think there's more. Today I've understood what it (partially) is. I don't know how to describe the basic form all that well. I focus on anatomy, and details so much that I forget that there's something far simplier and more important underneath. I've skipped over the basics when I was starting to learn how to draw, and now I think I must go back a bit. 

So today I tried drawing some figures from imagination using mostly spheres, cylinders and various spherical blobs. No bones, no muscles, just basic 3d shapes and how they interact, and overlap. It's different from how I usually approach drawing. Much more satysfying, organic and fast. It's a lot easier to get a dynamic, natural pose this way. I can totally see using drawings like these as a sort of underdrawing before I get into the muscles and bones.

Now to figure out the other 99 things I do wrong!


  1. one thing i have seen in lot of yours sketches : you use those cylindrics , it s an arm , 1.2.3 it s a body .
    i know its a good trick to figure proportions and its very usefull for some strange perspective angles...

    but is it really an help for you ? you draw lots of girls i sure you have the proportions not only in your mind but just in your hands.

    in this dailies#93 i see some very good proportions (the walking girl on top-right is VERY good) also some bad (the battle stance in top-middle for exemple)

    I would be very interested to see what you can do without these "crutches" ^ ^.

    another point, I ask myself a question about your feet.
    While you are using curves and rounded to the rest of the body, you are using angles and straight lines for feet

    I know these are sketches and you can voluntarily pass on these details, but ... I'm quite sure a human heel is rounded ^ ^.
    or so you off drawing feet really piss.

    anyway, thanks for sharing all this stuff, always complain that we despites for one thing or another, it's always very interesting.

    1. " or drawing feet really piss you off " damn auto-cuncumber !

  2. What I really like about this blog is this glimpse into someone else's process of learning and skill improvement. And naughty drawings, of course. But mostly the former.

  3. Love seeing your practice work, I myself need to do way more of it. For some reason I find the middle row, all the way to the right sketch to be quite nice!