PrismGirls shilling "Talking Dirty"

Time to shill another one of my PrismGirls comics! A 13 page comic about a dickgirl and a crossdresser having problems communicating. It also has dicks, butts, sexy lingerie and bondage. 

Page 1

And here's one of the panels from page 9 turned into a neat promo. 

Comic will finish running on PrismGirls this friday. But you don't have to wait :O. Oh no, you don't! You can subscribe now and get access to this and more comics by me and other skilled porn artists... Or you can pirate it when it leaks in a couple of weeks. Your choice. 

If you want to subscribe  do it through my banner. I get some extra money this way. Use verotel to pay. 



Dailies #15 - 21

Uploading these here every days is a pain in the ass so I am gonna do weekly dumps.

Check out my study tumblr if you want to see these daily

I really like these last two. Trying to design my own sexy alium race.