Commision: Spuffy

Yes I rooted for Buffy and Spike, fuck you, what do you know.

Dailies #47



Dailies #46

My internet shitted out yet again and I did not have any new pussy/ass/dick photos to work from. But I had a nice collection of feet :)

I am thinking of leaving the genital 100 for now and focusing on feet. We'll see tommorow. 


Dailies #45

Ms Winters has a secret hobby she didn't want anybody to know about.... Tough shit ms Winters!


Dailies #44

I am back! You can stop whining now

I tried a couple of new things with this one. Mainly a textured canvas, and thicker outer lines. Looks good. Gives the drawing a more finished feeling. I will definitely continue to draw like this.



Taking a break for a week. It's been a month since I've had the last one.


Dailies #43

Aganin no motivation to learn today... I hope you don't mind ;)


Dailies #42

Slim pickings today. Overslept

I realised that I only have a vague idea how the dick-scrotum-asshole area really works. So I am gonna focus on that for now. 


Dailies #41

Damn that hand in the second study is fucking horrid. I can draw hands only if I really focus on them. Otherwise I get this crap. I need to draw a 100 hands. And feet. And faces. And clothes. And liquids. Arms would be good too. Also shoulder and back muscles. Also would not hurt to do some environments... Whooo art!

48/100 almost halfway there!

I must say that I am starting to really dig drawing pussies. Especially with the lips parted. I always had hard time drawing them and because of that I gravitated towards futa's with balls. I think I am gonna do a lot more vanilla stuff in the future.

But tommorow I'll probably focus on gay anal kekekekekekek.


Dailies #40

Ugh. shitty day. Couldn't get motivated to do studies, only did these two:


So instead I decided to have fun and draw something simple:

Turned out pretty bland, but the fun was had.


Dailies #39

My internet wen't down for the last 24 hours so I didn't have acces to any new photos of junk. But I had a couple of photos of pretty girls saved so I went with that. 

Some of these turned out damn ugly but that's not what the exercise is about. It's about hammering some proper proportions into my stupid head.

I also tried putting some of my new awesome pussy n dick drawing skills to the test and did some from imagination:

Looking good... Except for that retarded looking futa. God damn it looks so stupid. It should sit in front of a bus, petting a rock and annoying everybody.


Commision: Equine like genitalia lady inside a fella that's dressed like he's a lady or something

I'll probably shorten the title for Hentai Foundry.

I've been getting a lot of awesome commision ideas lately :D

Dailies #38

Moar of the same.



Dailies #37

New Draw 100 bitches!

Well, technically it will be draw 33 dicks, 33 cunts, 33 assholes. I don't know what I'll do for the 100th. 

Anyway, here's the first 15... Yeah I cheated on the first asshole and pussy. So what. Sue me.

"Dicks are red
Assholes are blue
Pussies are green
Your mother is a whore"

I am not a poet

I know that putting pussies and assholes in two different categories is kinda redundant seeing that often  both of them are visible, but it's gonna start mattering once I'll start focusing on insertions.


Damn there is not a lot of angles that you can get a clean shot of an asshole from... 


Commision: Sponty

Bondage bunny!

Wanted to try some more vivid colours. Looking good.

Dailies #36

Harley showing off her "sword" swallowing skills.

I really like the idea, but the execution kinda sucks. I am pretty sure her head is constructed wrong and the angle is boring. This would be awesome with some kind of dynamic perspective. Maybe I'll come back to this one in the future.

Also I gave her bigger tits than usuall because bigger tits. 


Commision: Erica and Loren

Sorry for no daily today. I wanted to focus on commisions.


Dailies #35

"Shut the fuck up and draw something alredy!"


Good advice anonymous! I was gonna do some more studies today, but after reading that how could I? I could not! So have a muscly futa cow demon thingy.

Dohoohoho. This took me like 45 minutes to draw. Delicious knowledge is helping my speed.


Great purge of 2012

I am going to delete these pieces from my HF gallery and this blog:

I drew the before I realised that stupid polish laws forbid drawing sexualised violence... Stupid law but I have to obey. Should have deleted these a long time ago.

So if you like them you can save them or whatever


Dailiers #34



These last two I was gritting my teeth. I am so done with torsos... for a while.

Damn this was an interesting couple of days art wise, even if the last two were really hard. I think I've done more studies (quick ones, but still), that I've done in all of my life. Each day I could feel my drawing process getting easier, and more natural. I can feel that I've internalised a lot of knowledge. It's amazing. 

I'll probably start another 100 pretty soon. I am not sure what I should focus on. I know I said I'd like to do legs and feet, but I feel that if I jump into another complex exercice I will burn out. I need something simple to have fun with and recharge my batteries. 100 dicks perhaps? :D



Dailies #32

This is starting to get really tiring. But that's how you get better.

These were done in an hour. So I guess 6 minutes each.

78/100... Two more days!

Dunno what I am gonna focus on tommorow. Shemales perhaps :D




Dailies #31

Sorry for no upload yesterday. I crashed again, after doing 5 poses. I decided to do some male studies today to change things up. Motivation returned! Turns out I was just bored of drawing the same subject 50 times. Duh.

68/100 still a lot to do!


Commision: Attack of the space goats!

Dailies #30

Bleh, I really, really don't feel like drawing today. So I am taking a break!

Before I gave up I did these:

Also I am open for commisions. Pfffrrfffpptffrtpptf