Dailiers #34



These last two I was gritting my teeth. I am so done with torsos... for a while.

Damn this was an interesting couple of days art wise, even if the last two were really hard. I think I've done more studies (quick ones, but still), that I've done in all of my life. Each day I could feel my drawing process getting easier, and more natural. I can feel that I've internalised a lot of knowledge. It's amazing. 

I'll probably start another 100 pretty soon. I am not sure what I should focus on. I know I said I'd like to do legs and feet, but I feel that if I jump into another complex exercice I will burn out. I need something simple to have fun with and recharge my batteries. 100 dicks perhaps? :D


  1. I would like to practice, too, if I ever were to get some free time off studying, that is.

  2. "I am so done with torsos... for a while."

    That'll make for interesting looking characters, only having a head and everything else from the waist down. A tribute to Gammatelier? HA! XD

    But, I really am impressed. This should lead to even better art in the future (and letting you legitimately raise your commission rates XD).

  3. shut the fuck up and draw something already!

  4. i think i grew a fit/muscular chick fetish...not like im complaining :D